Half of 7-11 is 3.5-5.5

With the ongoing minion craze happening all around us, I thought it would be a good idea to jump into the bandwagon and get myself some minions too. So I would not be left out and all. Ladies and gentlemen, I am pleased to introduce you to my very own minions. Do say hi to Bobby, Johnny and Davy.

Now, I didn't say that they were cute, did I

though I must say they are very handy when it comes to attacking pesky Combine soldiers

"It took the aliens 7 hours to conquer Earth, it took me 11 to save it. So I'm going to name my post 7-11" - Luke Phang, 2013, when attempting to start off his post with humour

Half-Life was one of the very first titles that introduced me to the world of computer gaming. I still remember the thrill of having alien lifeforms jumping at me in an attempt to mate with my head, spending countless hours trying to figure out where the hell should I go in a particular map while remaining painfully silent while others are talking to me while later fighting against my friends in the infamous multiplayer map called Crossfire (where you'll see some nuke happy idiots who keep firing down missiles on us). Those were fun times indeed.

I never did finish Half-Life though, because if I'm not mistaken one of the levels was so hard that I simply gave up, maybe because I was still like below 10 years old and my gaming skills was not yet fully developed, but that did not stop me from becoming a fan later on. I knew about the Black Mesa incident and somehow I took a liking to the silent MIT physicist turned hero.

So when I saw Half-Life 2 going on sale on Steam a few days ago, I immediately bought it, hoping to reignite the love that I've had for Half-Life so many years ago. And well, I'm not disappointed.

the silent hero, literally

Despite it being almost a decade old already (it was released during 2004), I must say that the game still offers quite a challenging gameplay and interesting storyline to gamer like me who are so used to the new generation of games. I say that because unlike the games that we are used to nowadays, with waypoints and tips and stuff, Half-Life 2 offers the classic gameplay experience of the 90s era: Using your brains.

I must admit, there were times in the game where I hoped for a giant arrow to point me in the right direction, or gave me tips on how to use the new awesome gravity gun (I never knew one could absorb a blade from nearby items and unleash them upon zombies, thus saving me tons of bullets) and there were more than one time where I became hopeless stuck on a level, only to realize the way out after trying and shooting tons of different things, hidden elegantly most of the time.

one level required me to climb up to the crane that i thought was decoration

or the part where i had to push barrels under water to create a path for my boat

It's good ol' fashioned gaming, that I could say, where FPS is mixed with a little puzzle solving here and there. Meaning that there are plenty of instances where you'll be like, "Hmm, so I'm stuck. And there's a pipe over there by the side of the fence and a huge long drop from here. So what should I do? Maybe cranking this pipe would pour out water so I can swim over?".

It can be quite frustrating at first, but when you finally figure out the solution, you just can't help but to feel some sort of achievement and be proud of yourself.

Though I must admit, after playing Bioshock Infinite, I kinda find myself comparing between Alyx and Elizabeth. Of course, they're both different, Elizabeth should be my daughter after all, but it's just kinda sad when Alyx voices her interest in you and all you do is to stay silent. Heck even Booker is thousand times more charismatic.

although i'll admit that Alyx herself has her own charms

Of course, Alyx herself is not the only star of the story. All the other characters, from Barney to Judith Mossman to even Dr Breen, provide different outlooks and perspective to the story, which make the story progression much more fun to watch as it unfolds. Unfortunately, there's still too little of what I know happened to Earth, other than the fact humans lost the war to the aliens called "Benefactors" in mere 7 hours, and now they have to rely on dear Dr Freeman to be the saviour. Sort of like a Messiah.

Now that the world is saved somewhat though, I would be interested to see how the story progress and what actually happened. I still have no idea who is G-Man, though I suspect he may have gotten this name when his employers found out he wore G-strings, and who in fact are the "benefactors", the story etc etc.

if you spot hard enough, you'll see him making random appearances too

While the majority of players are making loads of noise over the release of Half-Life 3 (or rather the delay of it), I think I'll do what a sensible cash strapped just out of school graduate would do: wait for the next sale to get myself a copy of the expansion pack, Half Life 2: Episode One and Two.

In the meantime, here's a lunging headcrab for you.

these bastards made my heart stopped beating for more than a few times already

And did I mention? The Ravenholm level where you're practically the lone human fighting through a zombie infested town almost made me pee my pants.

something out of a horror film, I would say

But now that my mission is done, I think I'll go for some light hearted entertainment in other less intense games, like Saints Row for example. Adios


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