40000 People Live Under Me

Hello, my name's Lukey Defacto, and welcome to my crib.

i call the city Musketeer for reason's I've yet to fathom

So the story goes that Steam is having is annual summer sale. Like any other gamer who has some cash to spent, I was eagerly looking through the list of games to see if there's any games that I would like and out of the corner of my eye, I saw that Sim City 4 was going only for 5 dollars and being the ever impulsive dude, I quickly snatched it thinking that it was a good deal because I remembered that the latest Sim City was going for more than 50 dollars when it first came out.

Turns out the latest Sim City was Sim City 5, not 4, and the good deal that I thought I was getting was not so sweet after all because Sim City 4 came out in 2003. So I've been pretty much down in the dump lately.

my city's dump, specifically

But then again, managing a city is kinda fun, only that there's a lot of waiting because you have to wait for your citizens to pay taxes so you can build more stuff. I just cannot believe that I actually spent an entire day just to reach the stage that you saw in the picture above. Oh well, at least the Sims were kind enough to erect a statue in my honor.

handsome, ain't he (if you can spot the statue)

Oh well, I guess that's enough mayoring for the day. Tomorrow I shall rain destruction upon my unsuspecting Sims. Muahaha...


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