World War Z: Of the book and movie

Like all avid and curious book readers, the first thing that I did after I watched World War Z and learned that it was based on a book was to immediately download its ebook, because like any other movies based on a book, there are people who are saying that the movie is not as good as the book. Out of curiosity, I decided to see for myself if the book is really any better than the movie itself.

Written by the fella who wrote the "Zombie Survival Guide", World War Z the novel presents an entirely different perspective of the zombie attack as compared to the movie itself. Rather than focusing on an individual account of the "war", it's a collection of interviews from different people and their story during the decade long war against the zombie outbreak.

The book doesn't give an overview or chronological account of the entire war itself, but rather fragmented reports that require the reader to piece the information together to find out what really happened during the entire event.

I would say that the movie and the book itself are two separate things which cannot be compared together. The book is more of a critique of how humanity failed to prevent the war from happening while the movie is more focused on the personal account of an individual in finding the cure for the infection.

Save for the few minor flaws in the movie, I personally enjoyed both the movie and book itself. You might want to watch the movie first though and then read the book to see how the rest of the world dealt with the issue. I particularly liked the part on how Brook portrayed the Chinese and Indian reaction but personally if there's like a chronological account of how each country reacted, but I suspect that would end up with a freakishly huge book.

The book is a must read if you're a apocalyptic zombie genre fan, but be warned though, you might start to think in terms of preventing and surviving a zombie outbreak as soon as you start reading the book.


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