Moving Out

After 4 years of calling NUS Eusoff Hall my home and myself as a NUS student, I have finally arrived at the next phase of life, transitioning into a working adult life. I have dreaded this moment ever since I realized that I'm in my 4th year of study because with it comes the added responsibilities that students will never know, such as loans, taxes and insurance. Funny how I used to think how fun an adult life would be when I was young. Guess you'll never know how something feels like until you get to experience it for yourself.

at some point in life we'll all face the peter pan syndrome, the refusal to grow up

As much as I would like to forever remain as a carefree teenage student, I guess I can't escape the inevitable clutches of reality, though I admit I am coming to terms with it really really slowly. Just to savour the last moments of freedom before I am forever lost in the currents of work. This is, after all, one of the last three months vacation period that I can get in a very long time, unless I get fired or retire in the future, of course. And yes, it does sound quite depressing when you put it that way.

Anyway, I finally went to check out my new place today, a three room HDB flat that will be my new home for the next one year, and honestly, I think I might have been leading a really spoilt life until now. I grew up in a landed house back in Malaysia, thought it's a terrace house it's still incredibly comfortable and subsequently moved to Eusoff Hall, which has one of the biggest rooms among the residences in NUS. I would need time getting myself used to my new environment, that's for sure but then again, I'm the type of person who needs a lot of time to get used to new environments. I remember not being able to sleep for the first month when I was in Eusoff Hall because I am not used to sleeping alone.

Nevertheless, as much as I dislike moving into a new environment or even getting a new job for example, I guess this is all a part of growing up. Am not really looking forward to the early morning rush hour that I would be facing in the near future, but I guess the whole point is to not lose sight of who I wanted to be last time and not to be sucked into the rat race and the mundaness of routine. Lets see how that goes.

On a happier note though, my new house is just within walking distance away from a shopping center and a MRT station, which is extremely convenient, and I foresee myself turning into a shopaholic in the near future once I get settled down at the new place. Best of all, there's a cinema in the shopping center itself, which means that I could go watch a late night movie whenever I want without having to worry about how to go back.

le view outside of the house

Besides, it's a new life after all, one that is filled with uncertainties but at the same time with unknown opportunities too, and you'll never know until you take the dive. I guess only time will tell what lies ahead. As for me, I will remain hopeful for what's to come. Chiong ah!


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