Lukey's SBA2013 Journey: #Qoo10SBA Part 5: Looking 60s with Qoo10!

So far in my Qoo10 blogging challenge, I have bought a steamboat experience with my friends, a portable charger and a handphone cover, most which are related to my personal use. However, for my final item from Qoo10, I thought it would be great to buy related to the Singapore Blog Awards, which is why I decided to buy clothes that would help me look 60s to suit the theme for this year's awards ceremony.

As I'm not really in the mood for words today, and at the risk of boring you all to death with and endless barrage of words describing how I obtained my loot, I decided to illustrate my journey instead using pictures and to make a pseudo guide on how to look 60s with the help of Qoo10. In fact, if you ever want to look 70s, 80s or whatever -ties, the guide applies too!

So here's the chronicles of fashion shopping from Lukey, who has no sense of fashion shopping at all.

Sadly, as my evil twin said, I am currently not in Singapore to receive my package, so I did not have the opportunity to model my 60s look for you, which is a shame because that would have been totally handsome. Nevertheless, thanks to my housemate, I did manage to find a replacement model for the shirt.

meet mr bear, up and coming shirt model. credits to Andrea who took this picture

Now I can't wait to get back to Singapore! And I guess you have to wait til the Blog Awards ceremony to be able to see me in this cute shirt looking all 60s. Perhaps I can aim to win the best dressed award if I'm not able to win any major prizes. Time to get the creative juices flowing!

*Goes back to Qoo10 to hunt for more clothings*

Oh, one more thing before I go back to my shopping spree. Since this post is going to be my last Qoo10 related post for this competition, I would like to share something sweet that I found out while shopping for the sweater: I actually won something from shopping!

le wheel of fortune in qoo10's website

Turns out that you can get rewarded every time you shop at Qoo10 through the RouletteQ and I was pleasantly surprised when I received a one dollar coupon from my purchase. One dollar may not seem much to some of you, but hey, a one dollar saving is better than nothing and it may accumulate to a lot of savings in the long run. Alright time for me to stop talking and go back to completing my set of "battle armour" for the big day and spend the one dollar coupon that I've just gotten.

Would like to thank Qoo10 again for the wonderful opportunity and I enjoyed the experience! Am now an officially converted online shopper!


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