Lukey's SBA2013 Journey: #Qoo10SBA Part 4: A Gift for My Dear Girlfriend

My dear phone aka my girlfriend, since I spend so much time with it, has been begging me for a new set of clothes (phone cover) for quite some time now, as she has been wearing the same set of clothes that I bought her a year ago and the cover is already in quite a bad shape.

my dear girlfriend whom has been following me for a year now

Not only that, being the caring and hardworking girlfriend that it is, my phone has to work tirelessly throughout the day, juggling between functions like Wi-Fi, GPS, Mobile Data and tons of apps running at the same time and she has complained to me more than one time that she needs something to recharge her now and then. I understand her feelings though, if I was forced to do so many things for the entire day, I would most likely faint too.

pity my phone for having to work constantly to keep the bf enetertained

It's gonna be our one year anniversary soon, and because of her hard work and dedication, I planned to buy my phone a cover to replace the ugly old one and to buy her a portable charger to keep her on the go without feeling tired and exhausted at the middle of the day.

However, being the dumb and blur boyfriend that I am, I have very little idea of where to buy the best gift for her as I have zero experience shopping outside before. I want to get the best deal for her but what I usually do when shopping is to go a shop and grab the first thing that I see directly without first browsing through other shops, because I just hate walking around and having a sales assistant hawk over me waiting to swoop in and eat me. Besides, what if I end up buying a totally bad gift?

Which is why instead of trying to buy it from the outside, I decided to buy it from online from instead, one of Singapore's most popular online shopping sites!

le Qoo10 website!

One thing about shopping online is that you can view a lot of different choices just from the screen of your computer, so instead of going to different shops to find out what products they have to offer, you have the shops coming to you to show you the products, making it easier for you to compare the specs and prices of the different products without having to walk up and down. The customers review section can help you in choosing a better shop too.

After browsing tons of choices on the website, I finally settled on a brand new black handphone cover and a new external charger.

le new flip cover!

Sadly for my girlfriend though, I was in the midst of moving into my new home during the purchase and I had to go back to my hometown in Malaysia so I was not able to get the gifts in time to present to my phone until I go back to Singapore, which is like in July.

However, I was quite impressed with the quality of service delivered by some of the vendors at Qoo10. Like I said, I was in the midst of moving home so I filled up my old address for the delivery address without realizing it so when the vendor wanted to deliver the portable charger over, I was already in Malaysia so I was not at my old place.

Fortunately for me, the vendor was very kind to arrange for a re-delivery to my new place without much question nor complaints, which surprised me because I was expecting quite a nasty email after making them go to my old place aimlessly. Who said all online shopping vendors are evil?

le email to show you I'm not cheating

So I guess I can only wait until go back to Singapore to collect my items. As for le girlfriend, she's very excited to finally receive her one year anniversary gift!


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