Lukey's SBA2013 Journey: #Qoo10SBA Part 3: It's the Experience That Counts

They say that people who spend their money on new experiences (holidays, getaways) would be happier than those who purchase physical products (cars, bags, house etc), which was why the moment I found out that I was one of the finalists for Qoo10's Best Online Shopping Blog category, I already have half a mind to spend it on some E-Ticket discounts as part of an outing with friends.

P/s: If you're not aware of this, Psychology research has shown that spending your money on material gains would not buy as much happiness as experiences, due to our tendency to habituate, which is why going on that holiday together with your family would be a better choice than buying that new family sedan. Source:

Happiness is best shared :D

So I was very lucky when the first thing that I saw when I open the website was a friendly clock telling me that there's a time sale going on with special offers for buffet E-tickets. If you don't know, Qoo10 regularly offers products at a discounted prices for a limited time through the time sale section, which lasts about six hours each for each session, meaning you can check into the website occasionally to see if there's any products that you like which are on sale.

the mr clock that tells you there's a sale going!

The items that are on sale will change periodically every 6 hours, with products ranging from clothes to electrical products to e-ticket discounts, and I managed to get a discount for a restaurant offering a laksa steamboat buffet at Outram Park. The normal price was around 15 SGD but I managed to get it for around 13 SGD due to the time sale. I bought 3 tickets in total for me and my friends, so it was around 6 dollars saving in total. Quite a neat offer, I think, because steamboat buffets are normally around 15+ SGD.

saving about 2 dollars per ticket during the time discount

After finalizing your purchase and paying, the next thing that you need to do is to make a reservation at the place you're going and to print out the tickets one day before you go, just to be sure. Of course, you should read the reviews of the place too before making a purchase so that you would not end up with a place that you will regret later and to make a better decision. After calling my friends and confirming with them the date and place, I went back to doing my own things and to wait for the date to arrive.

Chuang Feng Le, the restaurant that we're going to for the night

When the day finally arrived, I was kinda nervous about bringing my friends to the place because after all I have never been there before and was worried that the place might not turn out to be as good as expected, but thankfully, the reviews of the website was generally trustworthy, giving good tips such as the restaurant was generally Chinese speaking so I made my reservation and orders in Chinese, and we had quite a fun experience dining there and catching up with each other over a steaming hot pot.

hanging out with my friends shu hui and xian you for the night

The food in general was not bad, we all thought that it was a really good offer because we got an endless supply of meat just for 13+ SGD, which we managed to eat until we're bloated, but what I thought was the best takeaway from the whole experience was how you can use these type of e-ticket discounts to explore different places around Singapore that you've never been before together with your friends.

I don't know about you guys, but I often find that if you visit a place too often together with your friends, you'll inevitably get bored with it after a while, especially if the place happens to be a eating place. I mean, who wouldn't feel a little sick after eating the same chicken rice from the same stall for a few weeks straight?

Coupled with my eagerness to explore and to try out new places, I would often try and find new eating places around Singapore to hang out with friends and to try new food, but often face problems such as not knowing where to start and having too many choices to choose from. Eventually I would give up on the idea as I will get too lazy to comb through all the information and end up feeling pretty frustrated.

Buying an e-ticket from Qoo10 essentially eliminates this problem as it kinda pushes you towards a set direction while letting you try new things at the same time. Besides, if you're worried about stepping into an entirely new place, there's also the reviews section that will help guide you in making a better choice while letting you explore new places that you don't know even existed. In our case for example, the restaurant was located at the basement floor at a plaza near the edge of Chinatown, a place that we will most probably never step in if there's no reason to.

enjoying le sumptuous meal. just look at the soup!

Xian You in particular liked the endless supply of meat and their efficiency in delivering the food, while I enjoyed the soup and the variety of food choices. My only complain was that they don't have an endless supply of water though, we were only offered a free can of soft drink and there's refillable water, but in overall, we were all satisfied with the experience there. It was definitely a good deal for the food that we're getting and we had fun talking to each other and catching up. The dinner was just there to give us a reason hang out with each other.

Like they say, it's the experience that counts. If you're looking for something new to do with your friends or if you're bored with the eatery that you have been going to day in and day out and is looking for something new, hunting for e-ticket deals at online shopping sites such as Qoo10 is definitely a good place to start.

le faces of happy customers :)

And yep, I will definitely be dong this again.


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