lukey's SBA2013 journey: #Qoo10SBA part 2: it's shopping time

This was my reaction when I saw the Qoo10 website for the first time:

Which is true, because from clothes to electronic products to even groceries, Qoo10 is like a shopping mall with everything that you can possibly find, with the only exception that that this shopping mall is online and they will deliver whatever that you bought to you. Which means there's no petrol fees, transport fees, crowds or traffic jams to worry about. Best of all, whenever you feel the urge to shop, say like at 3 or 4am in the morning, you can just click away without having to wait for the shops to open.

the wide range of products that you can get from Qoo10

Not only that, Qoo10 also offers various discounts and offers too to help shoppers save, for example they have daily deals and also time sale, and for my maiden purchase from Qoo10, I bought two items that I have always wanted and were coincidentally on the daily sale, a portable phone charger and also a phone cover, because my phone always run out of juice in the most important moments and the cover that I'm using now think it's a snake, because it keeps shedding its skin.

the kind shopping angel has decided to help me too!

Of course, being a first time online shopper and an over-worrier, I naturally would feel a little nervous when buying stuff online. Questions like, "What if the products are not good?" or "What if they cheat my feelings" would naturally pop up into my mind. After all you are doing transaction with someone that you cannot see face to face.

Thankfully, Qoo10 has this awesome feature where shoppers are actually rewarded for submitting reviews for the products that they have bought from the site, thus making it easier for people like me to actually determine whether it's safe to buy products from a particular company rather than just having to guess and hope for the best. Naturally, when there's a review system in place, companies would strive to be accountable in order to keep their business, which is a win-win situation to us buyers.

Not only that, should have a any question pertaining to your product, for example I wanted to know whether the phone charger that I'm buying is compatible with my phone, can be addressed directly to the seller itself. Which is a nifty feature as it allows you to clear any doubts that you have and it allows for the seller to build a relationship with the customers too.

the review and QnA section

I had a lot of fun with my first experience shopping online to be honest, because it's fast, easy and simple. You can browse at your own pace without having a shop assistant hovering over you asking you what you want to buy or eyeing you in a way as if you're gonna steal their products like that.

And now that I'm done, I guess all I have to do is to just sit and wait for my products to arrive. Definitely can't wait for it, to be honest.

the colour effects are intended


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