Lukey's SBA2013 Journey: #JBLsingapore Part 3: Traveling with JBL

Achievement unlocked: Bringing the JBL Charge to accompany me when I was bathing.

i was thinking of posing with the speakers with the showerhead, but I thought it would be good to spare you all the anguish so I didn't do it

For the past few days, I've been bringing my JBL Charge with me as I traveled from Singapore to Ipoh, Ipoh to KL and KL back to Ipoh again. The whole experience was a great one though, because other than being able to play your favorite music from your phone, JBL Charge is also extremely easy to carry and it's also able to function as a portable charger when the situation calls for it.

Not only that, I also find that JBL Charge really lives up to its name. It lasted me for a good whole day, one overnight charge of the speakers enabled me to charge my phone to full once and it still have some juice left to play some music for about an hour or so before I slept at night. And still it did not went flat. Only if my phone's battery can last that long.

charging my phone when I was in KLCC

The size of the Charge itself enables it to fit in nicely to whatever bags that you're carrying, making it more convenient for you to carry it on the go. In the photo above for example, I managed to fit it in into my camera bag, which some water bottles can't even fit in.

All in all, JBL Charge can be a great traveling companion if you're constantly on the move and needs a 2-in-1 speakers and charger at the same time. Easy, convenient and totally awesome!

JBL Charge: The awesome travel companion!

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