Lukey's SBA2013 Journey: #JBLsingapore Part 5: Flipping to be Broadcaster

When I first received the JBL Flip and heard about the microphone capability together with the speaker, my first reaction was like:

After all, the uses suggested during the briefing such recording music or sound effects didn't really apply to me, as I was no music composer or producer so I thought the microphone would be the function that I would use the least out of the three speakers that I was given. However, as luck would have it, I had the chance to discover the uses of the microphone without realizing it.

You see, I am currently trying my hand at gaming broadcasting, which means you're basically trying to be something like a sports commentator, except for that the "sport" that you're trying to commentate isn't really a sport as the only part of your body that you'll be moving a lot is only your fingers (somehow that sounded wrong). Nevertheless, I was interested to take it up because it involves two of my greatest love in life, gaming and sitting in front of the computer with the chance of getting famous.

mr tobi aka tobiwan, one of the dota2 broadcasters who made it big and also one of my idols

Of course, when it comes to video game broadcasting, having the correct set up is everything and that includes having a mic that is able to stream your voice perfectly without having it distorted with the surrounding noise such as the humming of your air conditioner or the sound of passing cars.

As for me, before JBL Flip appeared, I have been using the default microphone that came with my laptop and as I'm using my laptop like a desktop, because I'm using an external monitor, the sound quality can be quite bad sometimes as the laptop is positioned quite far away, thus not being able to pick up my voice efficiently. Here's a picture to illustrate:

my usual set up, which is why i often end up with poor voice 

Anyway, back to the story. As I was saying, as luck would have it, tragedy struck my laptop one fine night when I was trying to broadcast a game in For some strange reason, my microphone refused to start that night and as I was fumbling around, I suddenly remembered that I have a JBL Flip lying in front of my computer, a result of my earlier blog post, if you remember.

the JBL flip which was conveniently in front of my computer that time

Out of curiosity, I decided to hit up the microphone function and recorded a game with it. Turns out the voice quality was not bad, my voice was audible and clear as I streamed the game, plus the mic did not pick up as many background noise as my laptop's mic did last time. Was delightfully surprised at the results and the overall quality of the mic itself. Who knew a wireless speaker could double as a wireless mic too?

Added with the sleek design, one could also easily move it around until you get the optimal position to record your voice. The absence of the cables also reduces the messy set up issue. If you're looking for a speaker to double up as a portable mic for your computer or for your phone, JBL Flip is a worth investment. If you want to see the results for yourself, you can go to to check it out. I think either the third or fourth video is recorded using Flip. Of course, you must be a fan of video gaming first to be able to appreciate it, but I was able to stream games using Flip as my mic without any problem.

dont underestimate this baby! source:

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