Lukey's SBA2013 Journey: #JBLsingapore Part 4: Music Therapy

One thing awesome about having a JBL Micro Wireless is that you can have your laptop playing music at one side (say on your desk)...

that's windows media player btw, not the blue screen of death

And still be able to enjoy listening to your favorite music somewhere else (for example on your bed)...

plus looking retarded at the same time

With its small size, something like your mandarin orange, bringing the JBL Micro Wireless around and fitting it to different places is definitely not a problem. I usually put it in that position for example, and end falling asleep listening to music. With its sharp sound clarity too, my phone is nowhere near the sound quality produced by the JBL Micro Wireless, you can still enjoy listening to various music and still rest assured that the quality of your music is not sacrificed.

I have never heard the sound quality of other speakers before to give an objective comparison, but I consider any portable speaker that is able to distinguish the different instruments played in the music and doesn't face the buzzing sound problem as good.

I normally use the JBL Micro Wireless for my late night music therapy sessions, you know the moments when you're feeling down and all you want to do is to lay down on your bed and listen to emotional songs that sings out your sentiments just to help you deal with the stress or sadness that you're facing better. 

I used to rely on headphones though, because that's the only piece of equipment that is able to produce music that are good enough in terms of quality. However, you can't really turn a lot or risk entangling the wires or squashing the headphones in between your ears and your pillow. Troublesome. The Micro Wireless helps you to eliminate this problem as it runs on Bluetooth and is small enough to put anywhere.

If you're someone who loves to fall asleep to music playing in the background, JBL Micro Wireless is definitely a good speaker candidate.

JBL Micro Wireless: Now helping you with your music therapy session

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