lukey's SBA2013 journey: #JBLsingapore part 2: bringing the charge out

I was very lucky in that the day when I received the JBL Charge speaker from JBL Singapore and was also the day my friends from the JCRC (Junior Common Room Committee) decided that we should hang out together as sort of like a celebration to end our term in hall.

I thought it would be a great idea to test out my new speakers by being the entertainment officer for the night. Like they say, having music at a gathering could help improve the mood greatly. So chargeeeeeee!!!

Pun intended

I never had a portable wireless speaker before, in fact my last experience with portable speakers was very much a love hate relationship, on one point I appreciated the ability to play music at a louder volume from my phone whenever I needed it, but I disliked the static or crackling noise that it produces when I try go louder and the cables tend to get tangled in a very interesting fashion wherever I put it so I was really looking forward to my new friendship with JBL's Charge and seeing how the speakers will perform.

my new friend Charge sitting in the meeting room while waiting for the gathering to start

As for the nights itinerary, we planned to spend the whole night just chilling out all the way until morning, since it's like one of our few last outings together. After settling down with supper, we ordered delivery from McDonald's and I was too busy filling out my stomach to take any pictures, we decided to play board games! Turns out that we were very lucky as the room was filled with a variety of board games.

In the end we settled down with the board game called Life, because some of us are graduating and we thought it would help to prepare us for what's to come, and because we had no idea how to play the other board games, which had instruction manuals as thick as my textbook.

having a fun time with board games after a satisfying supper. if you look closely you'll be able to see my new friend, JBL Charge somewhere

i decided to drive a tank for the game when everyone else is using a car (minus the scumbag soldier, of course)

To be honest, I seem to have forgotten how fun the good ol' board games are. We had lots of fun "winning" Noble prizes, "curing" cancer and "having" kids in the game and it was amazing how a simple game could manage to bring out so many laughs and funny moments. The whole point of the game was to collect the most money though, which totally reinforces the notion that to be successful in life you need to have tons of money, and although I was driving a tank, that did not help me one bit in earning more money.

Maybe I should have shot the other players away to eliminate all competition (computer gamer's mindset).

i thought I had loads of money. never have I been so wrong

Of course, we also played other games like Pictionary and Ugly after experiencing Life, and for the sake of not making this post too long about all my miserable attempts at board games, I shall refocus it back to my new friend Charge.

Throughout the night, Charge was faithfully playing music in the background to keep the environment light hearted and jovial. I actually loaded an entire new playlist of songs into my phone before the night, and I was actually surprised at how long the speaker lasted throughout our board game session. We started around 12am and even after 4 hours, the speaker was still going with extra battery power to spare.

le charge during pictionary

We certainly had a lot of fun during that night and having JBL Charge there was an added enjoyment. The mood would have been slightly different though without music in the background and I was certainly glad that I brought the speakers with me. The wireless feature of it also makes it easier to set up without having me to look for power supply or to constantly connect it to my phone, and I'm definitely going to bring it together with me again the next time I am going for any group outing, be it a picnic or a day out at the beach.

JBL Charge: Now compatible with board games!

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