Hunting Down Penang Street Art

I have seen the various street art before in Facebook and Twitter, but little did I realize that the those wall paintings are located in Penang, until today when my buddy's  colleague's friend (yes the link is that far away) brought us there while we were visiting Penang today. 

we were conversing in Chinese, what I pictured in my mind was a wall with loads of paintings for us to take picture of and only when we arrive at the locations did I realize that the "wall paintings" that my buddy's colleague's friend was referring to is in fact the street art that I have always seen online, and I secretly squealed in excitement when I finally came face to face with the first street art of the day.

Hi there, little kid

Located near the World Heritage sites in Penang, the street art aims to capture the life and culture that once belonged to Penang. There are quite a few paintings scattered around the historical sites in Penang, and from what I learned online, they were done by a Lithuanian artist called Ernest Zacharevic.

We initially thought that the artwork would be concentrated in one area, but from asking the locals we learned that we actually need to hunt them down around Penang to see them. Luckily for us, I managed to snap a picture of a map from a nearby tourist shop to serve as our rough guide for our short visit.

le map with 10 different artwork for us to hunt down

I personally enjoyed the trip though, because the routes along the different artwork are quite scenic with the old buildings and stuff but as our time was short, we didn't have enough time to hunt down all the 10 artwork listed on the map. In addition to that, the different artworks are not exactly very near so you might want to consider hiring a trishaw or preparing adequately before setting out, for example bringing enough water and sun lotion.

As you can see, the artworks that we visited are around the Lebuh Armenian and Lebuh Canton area and although we didn't go for all, the paintings that we visited sure made plenty of photo opportunities.

wait for me!

I wonder what's down there

a different natured painting

lukey and the buddies!!

As you can see, most of the props are built in together into the wall with their painting, which is quite an interesting concept. There are also other artworks that are not paintings in particular but more like sculptures around the area with messages on them. They are more numerous though but somehow not as attractive as the wall paintings.

most of them gives a historical perspective

portrays a different feeling than the paintings

If you have the time and if you're more of the exploratory + historical type, trying to hunt down all the artwork on foot would be a great way to spend your time in Penang as it takes you across the different alleys and places that depicts the historical Penang. Becki says that there are 30 artworks to track down, so you could spend a day just finding all of them. I saw some Korean tourists enlisting the help of tour guides to drive them around to the different paintings but of course, it's not as exciting as searching for them yourself but that is according to your preference.

My only regret is that I don't have enough time to pose at each and everyone one of the street art, coupled with the fact that I forgot to bring my DSLR. Maybe next time!


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