[Commentary] Diablo 3: Poor Leoric

Being King Leoric is not a fulfilling job. Because your only function is die again and again only to give eager adventurers items for their journey.

#$@!@ again? How many times must my spirit return

While playing Diablo 3 again I can't help but to notice the poor life of Leoric. You're suddenly told that you are the king of Khanduras, that you are responsible for the lives of so many people under you and suddenly your adviser wants you to go to a far flung place to set up your kingdom there, not knowing that the evil Lord Diablo is already planning to possess you.

Worst of all, not only you end up losing one of your son, you even went as far to decapitate your beautiful wife's head just because a your male adviser tells you she's a traitor. Seriously? Which straight guy would want to kill a lovely lady just because some ugly old dude ask you too? Not to mention how in the end you end up getting killed first by your loyal guard and then by your son. And then again by some random strangers. Tough luck indeed, both when you're living and when you're dead.

yep, just die already and drop me all your loot

But despite all that, I think the saddest part is when you're suddenly summoned to another universe and find yourself in the midst of a neverending war between the Sentinel and the Scourge (or Radiant and the Dire). The fighting just wouldn't stop when you're Leoric, it seems. And you're constantly on a boner. Because you're made of bones.



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