twitching to game

Ever since I picked up computer gaming as a hobby when I was young, it was never viewed in a favorable light by a lot of people surrounding me. My mum of course, is the number one opponent of my gaming hobby, often scolding me for my frequent hours spent on the computer immersed in games, and would often say things like how computer games are evil and how it corrupts the minds of children. My teachers and elders seem to think the same too, thinking that gaming is perhaps the least useful hobby of all if you were to compare it to other hobbies such as exercising or drawing, and would often advise us against it. In fact, almost all adults I know are opposed to gaming, no thanks to constant campaigns that seek to portray the dangers of gaming during my time.

I don't blame them though. To be honest, while gaming serves as a great escape to many of us gamers, I can't help but to agree with many points that the adults raised. Gaming does have a higher tendency for addiction, due to its highly attractive mechanics and if taken to the extreme, it can indeed cause one to lose friends and face problems in life, such as performing poorly at school at work. And even if you play it moderately, it has very few side benefits that you can obtain if you were to compare it with exercising for example. I mean if you're able to finish an save the universe, so what? It doesn't make much of a difference in your real life and it gives you a false illusion of importance. You may be the chosen one in game, but the real life is a whole different story.

one of the many gaming addiction pictures that litter the internet

However, despite all the bad things that I've said about gaming, it is on itself not a bad thing. It is what you do with it that determines the value of it and like Brian Schmoyer's argument in his famous "The Only Thing I Know" video, gaming is only bad if you allow it to dominate your life instead of using it to reach greatness. I cannot deny this gaming side of me but I can use it to make life better, doing the stuff that I love, which brings me to the main point of this post, I'm going to write, stream and just talk about games! After all, I've amassed countless hours of playing computer games and to let it all sit in my head without doing anything about it is a terrible waste. There's a huge community of gamers out there and by talking about it, you're actually trying to make an effort to connect to others rather than just sitting in a room playing all by yourself. 

There's basically two ways to make a life through gaming from how I see it, either you become a professional player or you become someone who works in the industry, either in developing the games or talking about it. I'm going to do the latter. Like I said, since I game so much, it would be an epic waste if I just let it all slide and let gaming a closet hobby. All the experience much count for something, which is why I'm trying my hands on V-logging in game, streaming games and blogging about it. Just today for example, I went to buy the long awaited earphones and started my own account. I've been uploading my videos to Youtube for a while now, but at the advice of a friend, I figured Twitch would be a good alternative option too. I have no idea where this would lead, but at least I know I'm producing something out from my hobby instead of just mindlessly consuming it.

me with my battle gear now:

Of course, I do realize that just buying a earphone and creating a Twitch account won't make me successful overnight, but at least I know it's better than just playing and letting the hours slip by. It's a start and lets see where this will lead to.


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