lukey's SBA2013 journey: #Qoo10SBA part 1: intro to shopping online!

I have two problems when it comes to buying things that I need or shopping in general. One, I hate travelling. And by that I mean stepping anywhere outside of the comfort of my room. Two, I have no idea of where I should buy the stuff that I need. Most of the time, I will end up travelling to loads of shops before actually finding a place that sells the thing I'm looking for. I guess the second problem is most probably due to the first. The point is, I hate going out to shop.

Thanks to me being chosen as one of the finalists for Qoo10's Best Online Shopping Blog category in Singapore Blog Awards 2013, I was introduced to the awesome world of online shopping, where one can buy practically anything they want without having to step out of their own room. A perfect find for a lazy shopper like me.

It's not that I have never heard of online shopping before, it's just that I have never had the courage to venture in it because of the sheer complexity of it. The fact that I am a debt ridden student doesn't seem to help the case too. Besides, the only two online shopping site that I know about before Qoo10, Taobao and Ebay, are based overseas and one is in Chinese, which is my biggest weakness. So having one which is locally based with a good track record (Qoo10 is affiliated with Ebay btw) is definitely going to make life easier. Not only that, from my first look at the website, Qoo10 has practically everything that I would need and they have an impressive price range too, ideal for someone on a tight budget like me.

So follow me as I take a step into the world of online shopping, as a newbie who have no idea what online shopping is and see what online shopping has to offer! Many thanks to Qoo10 and Singapore Blog Awards 2013 for giving a newbie like me a chance in this category :p

I have a long list of items to buy actually, but never had the time to do so. Time for some shopping! Oh and not forgetting, do remember to vote for me at Am only one of the two guys in the category so must support to show that we guys can shop too (despite how wrong that sounded).

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  1. Through this one would be take enough care while choosing social deals or shopping any other product. As a designer, I like to buy clothes especially if there is a maximum discount. Thanks for giving.


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