harry potter and ge-13

"It was like any other new term back at Hogwarts. The first years waiting anxiously to be sorted out into their respective houses, the perfects keeping a watchful eye over the bustling students while the teachers chatting enthusiastically at the side. But deep down inside, X knew that no matter how normal things seem to be now, Hogwarts would not be the same anymore after that fateful incident last year. While no one really talks about it, the scars from the battle between the Death Eaters and the rest of the school were still evident all around. The burnt out marks on the walls, the shattered statues that once stood guard over the main door and the occasional memorial spots that can be found throughout the school compound, things will never really be the same again, that's for sure."

And that was the leaked opening paragraph from JK Rowling's latest book in continuation of the Harry Potter series, which will be released at a undisclosed date next year.

I'm just kidding. That was me trying to imagine how a continuation of the Harry Potter universe would look like, although I'm pretty sure JK Rowling would not have produced something that is as horrible at what I have written there. But truth to be told, I am kinda wondering why JK Rowling is not planning on extending the universe of Hogwarts and the magical world though. Because after all, all the seven books that she wrote focused largely on Harry Potter and I was thinking on how awesome it would be to continue building on the Harry Potter universe, like introducing another character, a Death Eater perhaps, who is finding it hard to adapt after the last battle at Hogwarts, or write about the story focusing on the Ministry of Magic.

But anyway, that's just me. Perhaps a series should be best left untouched when it is in it's prime, and not let further extensions ruin the story but I missed the awesome adventure that I used to had when reading the Harry Potter series. The books have this ability to make you feel as if you are there together with Harry on his adventures, listening to Dumbledore's remarks or running through the Forbidden Forest, I would do anything for that experience again. Sadly though, I don't think there's any possibility of JK Rowling writing anything that has do to with Hogwarts for the time being and any addition to the story will most likely come from fans or other people, like how some fans decided to write a gay romance story between Harry and Draco. Ugh.

just to prove my point

Magic aside, nothing else is as interesting to me right now as the gay story between Harry and Draco, I mean the current political situation happening right now in Malaysia. There's only one more day left until the big day, and while I will not be able to make it back to Malaysia this time, I would be waiting enthusiastically for the results to be announced back here in Singapore. After all, this could either signal a new dawn in Malaysia or it could be another horrible continuation of the the current dismal state that we have now. Besides, the results of the election could also possibly determine my life's future direction.

While the winds of change has been blowing quite strongly for the past few months judging from all the news that I have been reading, I am still somewhat cautiously optimistic of the outcome of the election. Like they say, this election is going to be one of the dirtiest ever, with chartered flights and what not, and I don't think BN will easily give up without a fight. But with that being said, I'm hoping that nothing like that will happen of course, like how the 2008 power transition in a few states went peacefully, with the exception of Perak of course. Only Sunday will tell I guess.


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