Do you want fries with that?

I've been posting a lot about the Singapore Blog Awards 2013 recently, I think it's because I'm still excited by the whole thing but I think it would be great to take a break every now and then to avoid a topic from becoming stale, so today's post is gonna be about random stuff and a collection of updates here and there.

If you've visited my blog before, you would have noticed that the layout and the design of the blog has changed quite a bit from the previous one. Instead of a handsome Luke greeting you with a gun as you load the page, you now have a smaller Luke at the side of the welcome banner. Still handsome as always though. 

Am not gonna comment about why the change happened, but the blog switched from the classic template to the default blogger template now, which is good in a way as it allows easier customization of widgets and add ons. The entire design also looks simpler now, which may be good or bad depending on your preference. While the previous design had more features in it in a way, I think this one looks neater and I feel more secure with what I have now as the entire blog is once again under my own control.

The blog design is gonna stay like this for the time being, unless I gain some designing talents through some miraculous means, until I find the time to see what I can add to the entire design. But at least the blog is still readable, so I'm not complaining.

sometimes I just wished I had more creative cells in me when I was born

Anyway, I've been busy with job search for the past few weeks actually, aside from getting myself involved in the Singapore Blog Awards and I sort of realized that stepping into the working world is a totally a different thing that what I am used to. As a student, I used to have the liberty of trying out different things that I'm interested in, even though I may not have the experience doing it. I've done a lot of things in the name of fun and for the sake of experience but I realized that when it comes to work, there's no such thing as "trying out" or experiencing.

Whenever you're going to any job interview, the first question that interviewers will ask will undoubtedly be the amount of experience you had, the more the better. Not many interviewers would enjoy hearing that you're merely trying out for an answer and not many companies would want to spend time and resources in training. And once you get started on a career path, how far you go in the career is based on how long you spend in it. 

Changing careers halfway, at least to one that is of complete different field, for example switching from a doctor to an accountant, would sort of like reset your progress in your career path as your skills in handling the job requirements ultimately depends on the amount of experience in it. Meaning that if you get bored of a job and decide for a total career switch, there's a high probability that you have to start all over again from the bottom, which translates if you want to succeed, you should probably stick to a path once you've made your choice.

often there's no turning back

Which is exactly my dilemma right now.

You see, I am going to graduate with a Psychology major degree. However, for the past four years, I have been dabbling in all sort of stuff except Psychology related ones. So when it comes to searching for job, if I am searching for a Psychology related job for example, I have zero experience in it (meaning that I might have to relearn everything again on the job) but if I'm searching for a social media related job, my degree is not of the relevant field such as Marketing nor Advertising, which also means I might have to learn a lot of new concepts while on the job. So in essence, no matter which field I'm looking at, I'm definitely gonna miss out on something, like a core required component.

I think I'll just go and flip burgers at fast food restaurants.


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