Remember when I first posted about an ASEAN Blogger Festival 2013 event that is happening in Solo, Indonesia a while back ago? Well it turns out that after quite some uncertainties, I am going after all, more like tomorrow actually and honestly I am quite excited by it. Nervous too, actually, since it's my first time flying on a plane and I have to do it alone and travel across countries. And somehow the scenes from the movie Terminal starring Tom Hanks just keep repeating itself in my mind.

That's the pessimistic me, you see, constantly worried that somewhere something will turn out horribly wrong, which of course turns out to be not true most of the time. Besides, I am now legally an adult so there's no reason for me to worry at all. I just gotta stop reading horror stories and letting my imagination run wild.

Horror stories aside, I am actually looking to this trip very much. It will be sort of like my unofficial graduation trip (an almost free one too) and it will also be a trip of my many firsts. My first time on a plane for example, my first time travelling to another country besides Singapore, my first time attending a blogger conference, my first time travelling alone and hopefully it will be my first time getting laid too.

To be honest, I still cannot believe my luck though. Out of 50 international bloggers chosen from across the region, I happened to be one of the only two from Singapore. Something definitely went wrong somewhere, because I think there are so many other bloggers who deserve the spot more than me. I'm not complaining though, because I'm more than happy to be on the trip. And hopefully I'll be able to blog about the event daily as time goes by. Will be bringing my laptop and DSLR just for this purpose. And time for me to get a sleep I guess, since my flight is at 8.50am tomorrow. Goodnight!


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