you're supposed to be sleeping!

Things that my scumbag brain loves to do when it's supposed to be sleeping:

1. Here, let's worry about the future. Did you realize that you're gonna graduate soon and you have not found either a job or a place to stay yet?

2. Oh, that's too far ahead? How about the presentation, term papers and exams that you haven't prepared a single bit on?

3. Don't you miss the times when life was great? Lets get all nostalgic about it again.

4. In the meantime, why not think about all the things that you've not done that you want to do and regret about it?

5. While we're on the topic, lets regret about all the stupid choices that you've made.

6. Gosh, there's a presentation that you have to do tomorrow. Lets worry about how would you look while presenting and be anxious about all the worst case scenarios that will happen tomorrow. Oh and did I mention about your script? I think it's hideous. Might want to get up and change it now

7. Lets think about all the bad things that will happen tomorrow if you can't get enough sleep. But uh-uh-uh, that doesn't mean I should let you sleep

8. Wow, did you hear that noise? I wonder what it is. I hope it's not a ghost or something.

9. Have you ever think of your long term plan in life? Perhaps we should give some serious thought to it now

10. Hmm... I think you're feeling thirsty. No wait, I think you should go toilet too just in case.

11. Finally settling down to sleep? How about some itch to keep you occupied?

Sometimes I can't help but suspect my brain is in secret cahoots with some organization to keep me from sleeping and to turn me into a walking zombie the next day. And to think that after so many generations, we would have evolved at least a button to turn off our brain when we go to sleep. Or at least evolved to a form where don't need sleep. 

I need to buy myself a hammer.


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