the epic battle of b418

This is my bed.

hi this is bed

As you can see, it is a very cute bed, with a Poring pillow together with a cheerful bedsheet. However, do not be deceived by the seemingly innocent look of the bed. Because underneath that look, there is a battle that is raging on everyday between that bed and my notes.

now meet my notes

It is sad to say that right now, the bed seems to be winning. Well, the notes aren't helping much either because while its intention is pure, which is to impart knowledge, it is indirectly helping the cause of the bed by being boringly tedious in its fight, meaning that it makes me sleepy whenever I open them.

To make things worse, the bed is aided by the mother of all evil too, the computer and its evil henchman, the internet. And not forgetting the mischievous games too.

there's a pair of horns behind that computer

It is very likely that the bed, together with the support from the computer, will succeed in annihilating the notes in this war between grades and a lifetime of unemployment, but when you have to fight colours, animations and a cute Poring with only black and white text and an occasional picture, you don't really have a chance in winning the fight.

Time to train my "Do you want fries with that?" line.


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