the BN cybertroopers new hobby: creating fake facebook profiles

The competition is heating up this coming general election in Malaysia, with both the opposition and government going all out to woo voters and even though I'm currently staying in Singapore, I can still feel the heat from all the photos, videos and articles being shared via the social media. One analyst put it succinctly when he said that one of the medium where the election will be fought out will be through the social media scene. And of course, with it being the social media, sometimes you'll never know what you'll come across.

One example is the presence of fake Facebook profiles that seemingly supports the current ruling party, BN, by commenting on various posts that are seemingly pro-opposition. I came across a few of this such profiles while viewing a video of an uncle commenting on the issue of hudud laws that seem to be going viral currently. Screenshot attached below:

i just took the two pro-BN comments and removed the rest for privacy reasons. Source:

On the outside, the two comments by "Joreen Joe" and "Sonia Packson" seem normal enough, two people agreeing on the same thing while having some likes for the comments, indicating that there are people who supported them. However, when you start to dig things deeper, you realize that the two people might not be as "normal" as you thought after all. Screenshot of both "Joreen"'s and "Sonia"'s profile attached.

joreen's facebook profile:

sonia's facebook profile:

In addition to the profiles being newly created, they also share many other similarities such as having no real life photos, sharing the same friends list, liking the same pages and even sharing the same nature photos, which is obviously indicative that both the profiles are fake, perhaps created by the same individual or a same group of people, just for the sake of putting pro-BN comments out there.

What about those who "liked" their comments? I got that covered too.

the people who "liked" joreen's and sonia's comments

Supporter no.1's profile:

supporter no.2's profile:

another supporter's profile:

Not only do they share the same friends and are newly created profiles, noticed how their profile URLs all end with I don't believe all these are just mere "coincidences". Clearly all these profiles were created by someone for a reason, and my guess would be to counter all the pro-opposition sentiments by creating the illusion that there are people who supports the government too and to put some anti-opposition message out there too (judging from their comments and the trouble to create profiles just to "like" their comments). Pretty cheeky, right?

While I do find this funny in some ways, because it somehow speaks of the desperation BN has until they have to resort to tactics like this, my suggestion is to ignore these dubious profiles comments. After all, posing as someone else just to compliment yourself is so uncool. It's like me creating a pretty girl Facebook profile just to spam my blogs page with comments like, "Lukey I love you!" or "Lukey you have such a cool blog!". Totally uncool.

However, I do want to commend the level of English displayed by "Joreen" and "Sonia" because for a moment back there you really had me stumped. Until I opened your profile, at least. But seriously, after the horrible MVs (Beribu-ribu tahniah and Love is in the air), who's idea was it to keep shooting yourselves in the foot?


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