iron man 3 review: i must be the odd one out

To be honest, I was dead excited about watching this movie. When the trailer came out, every nerd boy cell in me was squealing in excitement when I saw bits and snippets of how imposing the Mandarin was, the Iron Patriot, Tony Stark pulling his suit through the snow, Pepper Potts getting abducted and last but not least the scene where his house got decimated. So I went in expecting to be blown away.

i mean how can you not have high expectation when they have a poster so awesome?

Okay, I must admit, despite all of my friends who went with me saying that the movie was awesome, I was quite disappointed with it. It's not to say that the movie was all that bad though, it has great fight scenes and some epic moments, but coming from a studio who produced so many superhero movies, you would have expected them to give out something different or at least able to keep the pace of the entire movie going.

The first quarter of the movie was great. When they introduce the entire setting of the movie, Tony Stark's current struggle, the ongoing conflict and brief mentions of how the events of Avengers affected US, you could feel the tension building up and naturally you'll get excited wondering how the conflict is going to be resolved. But halfway through it, the movie seem to have lost steam somewhat. I understand that the movie is trying to focus on the human side of Stark but it kinda got a little bit draggy around that part.

And when the twist finally came, I went like, "Oh, okay." instead of going OMFG. I felt that there were some points were not really addressed well in the movie but I shan't go too much into it without revealing critical plot details because what I can tell you is that what you expect from seeing the trailer is way different from what you're going to get from the movie. And if you get your expectations the wrong way, you can end up pretty disappointed. In fact, a part of me thinks that the they were making the movie for the trailer instead of the other way round. Because a lot of stuff that you see in the trailer thinking that it will be a major plot point turns out in the end to be a very minor detail in the movie.

And to be brutally blunt, I kinda think that the whole trailer itself was like a prank for me. It's like the movie saying, "Got you there, didn't I? Managed to fool you there with my trailer right? Never expected this right?". It's the the whole emphasis was to get you thinking wrong then BOOM, here comes the twist. Which is probably there for the sake of being a twist. 

Of course, that's me being critical. The movie does has it good points, like the part where the tons of suits are fighting and the final fight itself, is pretty exciting to watch. The focus on Tony Stark himself rather than his suit also offers a refreshing perspective but in overall, I think that the movie could have done better. Somehow I felt that the movie tried to achieve too much at one go, having an in depth character development, highlighting the suits, including action, that in the end it feels rushed and many of the components were not as polished.

I will be talking about what I hate in greater detail but if you're a person who hates spoilers I would advise you to stop now because I'm going to rant on it next because I feel that I can't sufficiently voice my opinion for the movie without touching on crucial plot details. My advise is just not to get your hopes too high up when watching this movie. And be sure to stay til the end of the credits for the hidden scenes.

Now to a detailed rant.


I must admit that my biggest disappointment was finding out that the Mandarin is not some evil genius terrorist with that kick ass beard hell bent on destroying the world, but rather a once nerdy fella (Killian) who got rejected by Stark once, felt upset about it and because of that now wants power. I don't know about you but I like the early film Mandarin so much more. Sure, Killian has some super power but so what? His motives are very simple, revenge and he was not as menacing and intimidating as how the Mandarin was portrayed early in the movie.

I would have so preferred for a showdown between the mysterious bearded Mandarin who is shrouded in mystery rather than a good looking heartbroken science nerd. I still loved the movie every part until the revealed that the Mandarin was actually a fake. Then I hated it. 

It feels too forced though, switching the main bad guy to Killian and I can't help but feel that they chose to do so halfway to the movie. Remember there was a part where Killian said, "The master is coming", with every men under him afraid of the bearded Mandarin, clearly indicating that Killian was not in power and that the Mandarin is still clouded in mystery, then later in the movie suddenly everyone knows that he is just an actor? Why put up such a show early in the film just to trick us (when your subordinates clearly know he's a fake later in the movie)? Not to mention that the movie left out the most important line ever in the trailer: "Do you want an empty life, or a meaningful death?"

Of course, there were also loads of plot points that doesn't really make sense in the movie; like how did Stark finally fix Potts  in the end, why did he have a suit on standby while he's sleeping, the call from the president to the Mandarin's phone (I was thinking that the Mandarin wanted to trace the call to where the president's plane was, which will make it awesome), how Stark just somehow gave away his address when he said he wanted to protect Potts at the start of the movie, or how the secret service agents are blindly firing their guns on an Iron Suit, but I'll just let it slide because there's just too much to mention and still somewhat believable. I just cannot tolerate the main antagonist change.

And why the fuck he would want to blow up all the suits, only to collect his tool back and hinting that he might be building another Iron Suit at the end of the movie? Just merely for the fireworks?

Somehow I think the best scene of all was still the scene where Gwyneth Paltrow was in sports bra and when she kicked ass at the end of the movie. Too bad Stark.


To be honest, I somehow loved Olympus Has Fallen more than Iron Man 3. The focus was everywhere in Iron Man 3 and you do not really know what they're trying to highlight on. Rotten Tomatoes gave it a whooping 93% though, so I'll let you be the judge on it.


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