i still hate class participation

I hate talking for the sake of talking. More so when we know that everyone is talking not for the sake of exchanging ideas or to gain knowledge, but instead for the sole purpose of nailing that percentage of class participation marks. Sometimes the whole thing turns into a competition to see who can utter the most words at one go or who can come up with the most complicated (or in the Singaporean slang, "chim") insight of all in order to impress the lecturer.

Or it could just be me who's complaining about this system because I'm never able to find anything interesting to say and even if I do, what usually comes out from my mouth is way different from what I had in mind.

Which is why I never liked in class discussion. Neither do forum discussion. Because try as I might, articulating myself in flowery English that gives off the impression that I'm sophisticated inside with lots of deep and insightful thoughts is just not my cup of tea. If only my parents had exposed me to Shakespeare when I was at a younger age, and I'll might be going, "My dear fellow compatriot student, art thou understood the magnificent concepts put forth by the visionary Freud?" in class already.

But I'm not, so I'll stick to keeping quiet in class and in forum and make out some high and mighty reasoning like "I don't need to be a zombie to get marks like them" to calm myself while continuing to whine in this blog. What a bitch, right?

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