i iz not normal

Somehow I have gotten used to using pictures to start off my blog posts

I should probably start to go out more often. But then again, I'm too lazy to travel, hate socializing, have no money and have no idea who to go out with. Probably after everything in NUS ends where I don't have to worry about studies and hall commitments anymore will I find enough reason to drag myself out. For the time being, I think I'll stick to my wall.

Anyway, the Singapore social media scene has been quite quiet recently, I feel. It could be that I am lagging behind times already but if I'm not mistaken there has been quite some time since an issue got us all talking about it. If I'm not mistaken, the last big news to rock our tiny island was the Alvin and Yuki fiancee-got-snatched-by-a-blogger sensation and after that things have been relatively calm.

Of course, there's this whole issue of the Singaporean identity vs foreigners debate, but I'm not going to talk about it since it's an issue that's on a totally different level, with it being more serious and stuff, and I don't think I'm suitable to give my opinions since I'm technically categorized under the label "foreign talent" as well. Besides, I don't think I have any valuable insights to add and I think all the relevant points have been raised up already. What I meant was there's  no one issue like Steven Lim or sex scandal, things of the sort recently in the Singapore social media scene, so it's quite boring at the moment.

But for the sake of stirring something up and to post stuff, I will attempt to write something tonight. I came across this guy called Kurt Tay a few nights ago on Alvin's blog and out of curiosity, I decided to dig a little bit more about him. In a nutshell, he's something like Steven Lim, yearning to make it big and to be known by all and tried to do it through Singapore Idol (apparently his song "Nong Nong Ago" is a classic) and is now currently depending on Youtube to be famous.

His modus operandi is quite simple actually. All he does is to head over to popular sites and post comments redirecting people back to his channel and videos. And he posts videos of him impersonating various famous figures, with each video title beginning with the words "Superstar Kurt Tay". Is it me, or there is just too many people suffering from a delusion of grandeur in Singapore?

a glance of his uploads. if you are curious to watch his video, you can go to http://www.youtube.com/user/KurtTay4ever/videos?flow=grid&view=0. but you have been warned though, it's not going to be pleasant

To cut a long story short, somewhere along the way he decided that his current way of impersonating figures is not getting anyway so he decided to get breasts implant in Thailand. It worked out quite well though, since you can see that his upload three months ago jumped from a mere 301 views to 3000+ views in the breast video. I think it might be because Alvin blogged about it, but I don't know.

My point is, despite everything, he is still somehow more well known than me. Which is quite sad, in a way but then again, I am in no way as brave as him. Initially I thought of copying the style of his video and imitate Psy in his latest music video Gentleman, the one that everyone is waiting to see if it's better than Gangnam Style, but then I backed out at the very last minute because I don't think I would be able to summon enough courage to act like Kurt or even Steven Lim in front of the camera. Besides, the probability that the video would go in the negative direction rather than the positive scares me. While some can survive under harsh criticisms by others, I can't. One negative comment and it's enough to send me over the building.

But of course, I will include a picture of me here in Psy-mode (sounds like sai mode) if I have done the video. Just to be sort of like a teaser like that while I secretly hope that you all will be moved by the picture and actually ask me to do the video because I'm actually quite eager to try it. After all, Lukey must be shameless right?

yeah basically i just added psy's sunglasses and a bowtie

Last but not least, while many people are praising the latest Gentleman song from Psy, I still think that Gangnam Style is better. While the tune is catchy, I feel that it's more like one of the many clubbing techno songs out there with no uniqueness of its own. It just feels like it's lacking some originality that Gangnam Style had. In my own words, I feel that Gangnam Style is more lively and cheerful in a way but Gentleman is slightly slanted to the mature side, like a music you would hear when you walk into a dark club with lights blazing and people dancing on the dance floor.

Of course, it wouldn't be fair to compare it to Gangnam Style but I just don't understand comments who actually said it was better. There are some who said that the dance style was copied too but I can't be bothered. While the music is nice, it lacks the power factor that makes me want to :D and just dance in my seat. Sorry Psy.

Alright, time to sleep.


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