gwiyomi/kiyomi: can i haz a cutie video too?

After Harlem Shake, there's another trend that's is starting to take over Youtube recently and unfortunately, my Facebook newsfeed. This time however, the trend comes from the East instead and more specifically Korea. Titled Gwiyomi/Kiyomi, I don't know which is the correct spelling, but like the Harlem Shake video, there's a common underlying theme that you need to follow when you're making the video.

It's quite simple actually, all you have to do is to sing to the Korean song titled Kiyomi (which means cute/cutie in Korean btw) and dish out some actions according to the lyrics. Pretty simple actually and you don't have to find tons of people to do random stuff together with you like the Harlem Shake videos, you can pretty much solo yourself. And you know what, I even managed to find a tutorial video teaching you how to produce a Kiyomi video on Youtube!

Okay, I realized some of you might be a little confused after watching that video if you have never come across this new craze before. I don't know how it all started but according to blogger Joshua Ong, he said that the song began to pick up its popularity in Korea around January this year when Hari (did I get the name right? Because the literal translation of it means day in Malay and I basically a K-pop noob), a Korean artiste sang the song and subsequently other Korean artistes began to imitate in on Korean entertainment programs and later it began to be picked up by fans in Southeast Asia especially.

The online craze of the videos, however, was said to originate from this video if I'm not mistaken according to the thousands of comments that I scrolled through in Facebook. So I cannot really pinpoint the source but Youtube says it's the original MV, so I have to trust it:

Anyway, people began paying attention after that video and soon after that a random girl must have thought, "Why don't I make one video like that too so I can be cute and popular", and boomz, you have the rest of the internet female population following suit, resulting in the following videos explosion in Youtube, not to mention the flood of Gwiyomi/Kiyomi videos being shared around:

And guess what, even the guys want to join in too:

Crazy right? If I'm not mistaken again, I believe that there are some competitions held here and there that helped to accelerate the surge of this trend. So basically not only you can dedicate your love to K-pop and have a legitimate reason to act cute though these videos, you can now also win prizes with it (I remember some Malaysia cuti some travel page hosting it but it didn't occur to me to blog about it then so I lost the page)! A win-win-win situation.

So where does Lukey come in? As you all might know, even after writing my blog for more than 10000 years already, I'm still not even halfway to achieving my dreams of becoming a successful blogger, while people who started around the same time like me, for example Kenny Sia, Xiaxue or even Ken Wooi (who is from Ipoh btw, and from my same secondary school) has gone on to achieve great successes, while I'm still here blogging alone like a forever alone guy in my room.

Which is why I have decided to hatch out a brilliant plan to fulfill my dreams of becoming famous. If my own capabilities cannot bring me far enough, I have to do it by riding on the current craze and hopefully, by doing it repeatedly, it will generate enough momentum to propel forward. Ladies and gentleman, lukeyishandsome(dot)com is branching out. Instead of only being handsome, I will strive to be other things too, and tonight, I will start by being Kiyomi, or in other words cute.

Ladies and gentleman, presenting to you, Lukey's very own Kiyomi video:

You won't catch me acting cute today.

Somehow I have this feeling that after this blogpost or that video I'm gonna pretty much end up like Captain Jack Sparrow in a situation like this:

which i hope won't happen

But in any case, I have to declare first that I'm not a K-pop nor Gwiyomi/Kiyomi hater. I'm just one of the many people who's getting a little sick of this trend, particularly when everyone is doing it and spamming it on Facebook, especially the not so cute ones. So yeah, no hard feelings kay? Peace.


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