and i'm just sitting here...

The reason for this? Well, while the rest of my floor was happily eating, singing and having barbecue just a few meters outside my door just now, I was sitting in my room too afraid to go out and actually join them. Funny how a place where you're supposed to know everyone and be friends with each other has turned into a place so alien to me. Funny how people whom you used to call friends can seem so distant in just one shot.

Yes, I know some of you self-righteous people would say it's all my fault, that I choose to be emo all the time and I am just a lazy anti-social guy (that's what I'm told, all of the above) so I'm not going to argue with that. I think it's just ironic that while so many choose to throw me all those judging looks as I pass by, not a single soul stopped to care or ask how I was in a year's time. Not even a message, a greeting or a talk. Just the behind the back gossips and assumptions.

So I am not going to care anymore. I'm sick and tired of constantly having to bear with all these thoughts and all your assumptions. Enough is enough. I have been a hermit for a year now and I don't mind remaining so for the remaining few months. I won't give a damn anymore about this place and the people in it.

In a typical Eric Cartman style, I'm gonna say...



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