Remember this couple?

the infamous sex bloggers + ASEAN scholar Alvin Tan and his girlfriend, Vivian Lee

Back when they first got famous, and when almost every single blogger I know was talking about them, I refrained from posting anything because I thought what people wanted to do in their bedroom was their own business and even though they thought it would be a great idea to tell the world about their sexual exploits, I still thought that it was entirely their own business. What's the point in criticizing them anyway? After all, it's not like the internet is devoid of any pornographic or sexual materials and if you don't like it, you can always hit the X on your browser.

And like all scandals and sensational news that pop up in Singapore, the hype surrounding the infamous sexual bloggers eventually died down. Until today, that is. Somehow Alvin must have noticed that the amount of attention that he got has dwindled tremendously and wanted to do something to regain the fame that he once enjoyed and hence decided to get people to talk about him again by doing something outrageous that only he knows how, like going to the beach and getting girls talking about their vaginas. Underaged girls, that is.

Source: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=176828395799271

In the video Alvin interviews random girls about their vaginas, going into vivid details like asking about colours, smell, shaven or not and a whole loads of other stuff that would probably make any typical Asian squirm. There's also a part in the video where he asks a girl whether she would let a guy lick her a**hole and when she replied no, he suggested that she should try it because it's good. And of course, his girlfriend Vivian went around asking guys what they normally do to their girlfriend's vagina.

I don't know about you guys, but if I am a father and a random strange guy pops up to my daughter and asks her about how her vagina looks like, I would probably land a punch on his face. After all, commenting on a female's private parts does count as a sexual harassment in a lot of places. If you don't believe me, try going up to your teacher/boss/colleague/friend and ask her how her vagina looks like. Ask it in excruating detail like the smell or whether she shaves it. I could bet that there's a high chance you're either going to get a slap on your face or a sexual harassment charge the next day.

I know how some would argue that it's their own business and stuff and we should all be entitled to freedom of speech, but isn't this a bit going too over the line? I mean if you want to post of nude picture all around the internet that's fine with me because that's your body ultimately but going around asking random people about all these questions is like going around flashing your penis to unsuspecting stranger. Both acts can be argued as freedom of speech/expression, because you don't hurt anyone in the process and in the flasher's case, I can further argue that it's my business to flash because it's my body and no one asked you to see, but it is clearly against the law because it is against normal societal norms. It's not normal.

Of course, perhaps Alvin and Vivian, or Alvivi as they call themselves here, could be on a noble quest to encourage freedom in speech in Singapore and to get Singaporeans to be more open on their sexuality. Or perhaps they could be under the employment of the Singapore government to help increase the low birth rate by indirectly encouraging the Singaporean young to engage in more sexual activities by taking them as a role model. Or they just loved the attention that was showered to them last time and now they crave it. And the only way to do so is to do something controversial. At the time of this blog post, the video which was just uploaded yesterday has gained more than 1300+ shares in just one day, and I'm not sure if there's other links going around or not. 

Edit: Apparently they started a Youtube channel called Sexcussions to talk about everything to do with sex and their videos averaged at 10 000+ hits for each video with 2600+ subscribers to their channel. Man, maybe I should just stop blogging and start making sex videos of myself.

appearing on newspapers: he must have loved it

Well it seems that in a conservative society, those that challenges the norms are the ones who will receive the most attention, which the couple is enjoying tremendously now. There's both side of the spectrum though, with some applauding their courage while there are those who thinks they're "rubbish", promoting something that is useless in society. I personally can't bring myself to watch all of their videos though, because I think that they're exhibitionists in the highest sense, enjoying every bit of attention that is given to them. Just look at their smirks when they're on the camera. The words "I am practically enjoying every moment of this" can be seen clearly on their face and being a douchebag myself, I refuse to give them that said attention. I just cannot bear with people showing off on videos. Or it could be I just can't bear with show offs in general.

One way or another, Alvivi is going to be an ala Steven Lim in their own right. Meaning that they are here to stay, whether you like it or not. And continue talking about the topic that they're so good in, sex. Perhaps they should consider a career as sexual therapists for those who lack the experience as compared to them. Quite a lucrative business if you ask me, considering that we live in a conservative society. As for me, maybe it's time for me to start doing something controversial. Any suggestions?


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