the plight of the introverted blogger

"Hi, Luke! This is Amanda from OMG! Paradise. We are cordially inviting you to our OMG! Covershot Girl 2013, which is our highlight event of the year.
Covershot Girl 2013 Finale Night will be held at Zouk Singapore on 23rd Mar 2013. We are using this as a platform to search Cover Girls for our regional social media online magazine, OMG! MAG." 

Normally when a blogger receives an invitation like this, especially a male blogger, he would be jumping with joy at being offered an opportunity to party with hot girls at a club without having to pay entrance fees or having to spend money on alcohol. But not me though. The first thought that came into my mind when I first saw the email was, "Oh dear. Can I don't go?"

You see, I hate social interactions. I find them to be especially tiring when you have to feign interest and talk about random topics just so you won't be sitting awkwardly alone throughout the entire event. If it was up to me, I would really much prefer going to any events, sit there alone, snap all the pictures I need and then go home write about it without talking to anyone because trying to make conversation just isn't my cup of tea. I find it to be especially stressing and I never did see any point in it.

Besides, god programmed my brain in such a way that it would usually go overload when caught in a social situation with strangers. I would think about everything that I can say, what should I say, what should my hands do, how would the person reply and a whole load of stuff the entire moment I'm in a conversation with a stranger. Like I said, stressful. I think another word for this would be shy.

However, like it or not, being friendly or at least appearing to be so is a quality that is very much needed in our world today. And as much as I hate being caught in an unfamiliar territory, I guess one could never achieve success if all one does is to sit at home and whine about not wanting to go out. So I guess I'll be going then. And hopefully get to know a few hot girls at the same time. *winks*

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