Day 1: Bathed after a day of meeting, 6 hours of class, more meetings, assignment rushing and a sense of dread for tomorrow

Since I've been having difficulties finding stuff to post everyday, I have decided to take one picture of myself everyday for one year (or maybe more) and compile it to a video when I have the time. Just for fun and just to find stuff to populate this blog.

Life's been busy at best, and I've been slowly trying to practice saying NO to lots of stuff in life. I know saying NO is like a taboo in Singapore, because people are expected to to say yes to everything, to take up as many things as they can do because it's somehow a measure of success and your hardworkingness, but this is not just for me. I work best when I have one and only one task at hand, not 10 at the same time.

Just an example of my schedule tomorrow:
10.00 am: Abnormal Child Psychology Group Presentation Meeting
3.30 pm: Film Festival Meeting
8.00 pm: Presidential Rally
11.59 pm: Publicity Video Due

Other ongoing tasks (in this two weeks):
1. Counselling psychology weekly review
2. Research question for unconscious Psychology
3. Unconscious Psychology term paper
4. History and Systems of Psychology Term Paper
5. Counselling psychology presentation
6. Unconscious Psychology presentation
7. Unconscious Psychology quiz
8. Other hall commitments that might crop up

Honestly, sometimes I wonder how my fellow hall mates do it. How they could juggle so many commitments and the same time and yet still be so fully accomplished in each and everything they do. Either they have a time turner like Hermione or the amount of energy they have is super high. Because I just cannot seem to do it no matter how hard I try. Put more than 2 tasks in me and I'll soon start forgetting about stuff. Like I said, I sorta overestimated myself.

But then again, I guess I'll survive one way or another as time pass by. My only prayer this semester is not to get a shitty results and have to repeat my semester. That's all I'm asking. Everything else is secondary.


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