i am now, enlightened

We may seem like geeks who can't take their eyes off the phone on the outside, but in reality, we are secret agents working for a secret society (duh) aimed at furthering our cause in this world. Strange energy particles  have been discovered on our planet recently and with it having the potential to control human thoughts and behaviors, factions have rise up to either oppose this new energy or to harness it on the claim of furthering the human civilization. And I'm now one of the many caught in this ongoing battle.

Welcome to Ingress, one of the first Augmented Reality Games or ARG in short, created by Niantic Labs @ Google for the Android device, where it involves up to hundreds and even thousands of players on the go, depending on your location, that requires you to not just sit idly tapping away on your phone, but to get down and walking to different places in the real world to fight for your faction.

Combining a virtual interface on your phone with the map of the real world, you have to go around collecting particles, attacking enemy portals and creating safe zones for your faction. The whole idea of the game is to create as many safe zones as possible in order to further your faction's cause. The whole gameplay is quite complicated and I'm still learning it but technically I think the whole idea of the game is a pretty awesome one, simply because it makes you step out of your room and actually interact with the environment, which is a totally new thing for a locked-in-the-room gamer like me.

I had the chance to try out the game today, after being introduced to it by my friend Victor, who was very eager to bring me under his apprenticeship, and just less than 30 minutes into the game, I unknowingly walked for a few hundred meters to my school's central library just to collect the energy particles and to attack an enemy portal, just to try out the game. It was quite amazing though, following your map, excited to reach your destination and having people giving you weird looks while you're smirking to yourself as you look at your phone.

a screenshot of the interface, with the triangle indicating you and the teal indicating the streets. big glowy thing is the enemies portal

a google map comparison of the same place just to prove i'm not making this up

To be honest, I am quite excited about this game. The possibilities are just endless. For all I know, I could bump into a pretty girl while hunting an enemy portal, finds out that she actually one of the enemy but both of us fall for each other at first sight, thus starting a dangerous relationship that could possibly end up with us being captured by our own faction if news were to leak out. That is, if any girls actually play this game in the first place.

But then again, I'm still quite excited. I've grown bored of actually sitting in my room already playing games that is only limited by my computer and my imagination. I mean what surprises could I find when I actually step out there? It's too early to know though, because I'm too bogged down by work to actually find time to go out, but we'll see. In the meantime, here's a picture of me out on a walk while particle hunting / waiting for my supper just now.

this is the face of ******, the face of the new Enlightened recruit out to enlighten the hell out of you normal people

On a side note, I'm back to blogging again :)

P/s: Ingress is currently available in Google Play Store but still in the close beta phase, meaning that you need an invite to the game. I can send you invites if you want, provided if you're a pretty girl who can fufill my need for a dangerous love story only. Just kidding


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