Things that are going in my mind now:

1. Fuck

2. Fuck

3. Fuck

4. Fuck

5. Fuck

And tomorrow will be the day where I attempt to churn out 2000 words at one go for my assignment. I hope my lecturer would not mind me not inserting any citations in at all for the essay.

To be honest, out of the entire essay writing thing in Psychology, or in any university setting in particular, the citation part is the one part that I hate the most.

"You cannot make a claim unless you cite it from an existing research", that seems to be the obsession of many professors that I met. Seems like every sentence you string together has to be the product of some research or else your argument is not supported. At least in my Psychology course that's how things go.

In another story, I found this interesting photo documenting an exchange between a customer and a business fan page in Facebook while I was distracted from the long list of journals that I have to cite:

click for a better view

Publicity campaign or a pissed off employee looking to sabotage the company's image, I find it interesting how businesses are expected to be all high and mighty, never to get angry in the world of social media today, or else the wrath of the internet users shall be quickly upon you. Seems like none of us realized that the person behind the account is a human just like me and you. But then again, when you're doing business, you wouldn't want to go around scolding your potential customers bitches because ultimately it is them who are paying you, not your macaronis, no matter how delicious they may be.

In yet another unrelated news, I've decided to blog about random stuff again. I've wanted to blog about lots of stuff for the past few days, but refrained from doing so because when you're living it a close community, what you blog about may very well be used against you in the future. Like if you tell your friends that you're sick and lying in the room so you can't go to meet them, but then proceed to blog about the amazing event that you attended when you're supposed to be sick, you're gonna be in deep trouble. Like they said, social media footprints are very dangerous nowadays. But anyways, I realized that I cannot just keep forsaking this blog because it has always been a love of mine so no matter how random the stuff gets, I'm reverting to the "One Post per Day" policy again.

And why is my mind all filled with fuck? Well it's because I'm pretty fucked up right now. Seriously, what was I thinking again about Year 4 and taking up the biggest responsibility of my life? Ugh.


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