2013 asean blogger festival

Every time I get the urge to revive this blog and blog like how I used to last time, I always end up ditching the new found motivation a few days later. Maybe it's because the number of views that I'm getting doesn't tally with the amount of enthusiasm I'm feeling but then again, that may be because what I truly want is for people to read my blog. It's like me saying, "Hey, I'm giving such an awesome performance here but how come no one is paying attention?", you know, that kind of feeling.

So yeah, I think I need to constantly remind myself to screw this type of attention seeking type of mentality and just focus on writing. After all, if you're good, people and opportunities would naturally come to you. Like how I received one email today with an invite to the 2013 ASEAN Blogger Festival.

click for a better view

If you noticed about the email, the portion that reads "you will be provided with ticket and room hotel for accommodations and meals ONLY during the conference and touring" is especially tempting to be honest. I mean, FREE?! Free hotel stay, free air ticket and even free meals provided. Yeah I know, us Asians are suckers for free stuff.

With that being said though, I still somehow think that this offer sounds too good to be true. I remembered Nuffnang organizing one bloggers conference last time and the participants have to forked out money somehow and in addition to that, where did the organizers even get so much money to cover so many bloggers? And even if they did, why on Earth am I chosen in the first place out so many other more deserving bloggers.

For starters my blog has been quite deserted for the past one year ever since I naively took up the JCRC position in my final year in university thinking it would be an awesome journey (awesomely tired journey so far) and I'm not even one of the big names out there. I mean after all, my blog's hits are pathetic (there's only one or two posts that keep generating visits because they're on top of Google search results) and my new posts rarely attracts more than 10 people (I know because I used Google analytics, duh) so I guess the question still boils down to, why me?

Somehow I have this nagging suspicion behind my head that when I stepped out of the plane at Indonesia, I'll be nabbed by some foreign human trafficking syndicate and will end up halfway around the world at some god-forsaken place doing some god-forsaken work like slavery or having my ass penetrated. Yeah, I know that sounds a bit far fetched but hey, there's no harm in being a little suspicious when you're being offered so many goodies in just one email.

the hotel that they featured actually looks quite nice, though a bit pixelated

Of course, I did snoop around to see how legit the whole thing was, there was a website, a twitter account and some individuals who are linked to the PKS (a Indonesian political party as far as I am aware of) who are part of the organizing committee and a non-existent Facebook page. So hmm...

I guess I could sit around and see if there's others whom I know are going and how the whole thing unfolds. Like they say, when things sound too good to be true, they usually are.


  1. LOL, you forgot to be suspicious about your epic luck!


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