when everyone's having reunion dinner

It's almost Chinese New Year in a few hours time, one of the biggest events in the year for us Asian Chinese, and while most of my friends are busy showing off their reunion dinner photos in Facebook and Twitter, I am now sitting in front of a computer writing a blog post, more than 300 kilometers away from home. I secretly suspect that my mum paid all my friends to post their reunion dinner photos unto Facebook just to make me feel bad for not coming home this year.

Just kidding.

Anyway, I think I've been asked more than a thousand times, or perhaps a million, of why am I not going home this Chinese New Year, when everyone seems to be doing it. While some parents would kill their children for not going home, I am lucky to have parents who understand my reasoning and wants. Sure, I might miss out on outings with old friends, delicious home cooked meals and spending time with my loved ones, but going back when thousands of others are doing so at the same time just doesn't seem like a good idea. 

For someone who hates traveling and prefers to spend time alone, you could say that the 8 hours plus trip on a bus would be a total turn off. And I'm loving the quietness in hall currently too. I guess you can say us introverts are weird. But time spent alone without anyone is like my fortress of solitude where I recharge and stuff.

Besides, it's not like I would miss out on a lot by staying here in Singapore. In fact, I had my very own reunion dinner and even took a picture of it! Here, have a look:

it's a picture of an empty table because I've not yet put food on it, duh

I guess I'm going to study during this Chinese New Year period considering the fact that there's nothing around to bother me. And maybe I can write a review about Stephen Chow's latest movie Journey to the West tomorrow. Stay tuned!


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