uplifting music

I've been listening to songs again. Something that I have not done in a long long time. It's amazing how songs can speak to you during your darkest moments, lifting you through with their lyrics. I listen mostly to Christian themed music, but most of them can be interpreted in a neutral way. It's just how these songs tell you to hold on, to not lose hope and to assure you that everything is going to be okay. The list of songs that I listen to every time I'm feeling down:

  1. Building 429 - Where I Belong
  2. Casting Crown - Praise You in this Storm
  3. Kutless - What Faith Can Do
  4. Savage Garden - Crash and Burn
  5. Red - Pieces
  6. Reliant K - Who I Am Hates Who I've Been
  7. Hillsong - Still
  8. Chris Tomlin - I Lift My Hands
  9. Grey Holiday - You Belong To Me

It's amazing how even though my studies and everything has tried to proof that God does not exist, in the end I'm still coming back to Him for comfort and acceptance. But then again, if it works, why question it? I've spent so much time trying to validate my beliefs but in the end it's still one big round of wild goose chase.

Anyway if you have any other songs that are similar to this genre, do feel free to add it into the list! I'll be sure to credit you!


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