i sorta "confessed"

If you're an NUS student with a healthy connection to the internet and not living under a coconut shell, you would have noticed that the current trend going on among NUS students is confessing. Not the love confessing or sin confessing though, but rather a Facebook page where people can pour out their deepest and darkest NUS secret that they couldn't tell anyone. Something like the Secrets websites, http://www.sixbillionsecrets.com/ and http://www.postsecret.com, but more NUS focused in general.

the current face of NUS Confession

I ignored it at first, thinking that it would be a passing trend that would die down or something, but after weeks of it and still seeing the statuses being shared by friends, I decided to give it a try and post something that I've always felt on the page. To see how many would agree with me and to see what kind of responses that I would get. Besides, NUS Confessions certainly has a wider audience than what this blog has so I figured it would be more awesome to post there instead. Here's my little confession:

well i know i shouldn't admit to my confessions but hey, 436 likes!

Okay, while I secretly rejoiced at the number of likes that I got, what I found more interesting were the comments that confession received. I got replies that ranges from understanding ones (I know how you feel) to neutral ones (I know how you feel but society requires us to talk / learn to speak up!) to downright extreme ones (knn ccb dumb luh you why go take those mods, which was actually one of the replies), which surprised me because I thought at least on an NUS page, one that is public, people would be at least somewhat nicer. But I guess not since there were other mean comments too on other confessions. One like this:

looks like some people still have not learned from the whole xiaxue vs the internet incident

But then again, it's also interesting to see how the page is actually encouraging NUS students to speak up and exchange ideas. There are certainly some heartwarming comments in the page and I guess this page is gonna stay for some time because I understand how "confessing" helps to relief stress some of the time. You see, whenever I feel down or stressed, I turn to writing on my blog or diary as an outlet. Those are sort of my confession places that I usually pour my feelings out. Guess this NUS Confession is serving a similar purpose of a listening friend or a venting post. Perhaps it can lead to a greater university spirit too, but I'm just speculating here.

It's still too early to tell where the page is headed but I'm optimistic. Perhaps it will become one of the universities culture or perhaps it could just be another passing fad. What do you think?


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