a little island post

One of the golden rules of blogging is to never blog about how often you do not update your blog and as much as I would like to refrain from doing that, if you have noticed (which I hope at least one or two of you did), I have been sort of taking a rest from blogging. For various reasons, I suppose, but I guess the main reason being that I am too preoccupied with all the commitments that I currently have to shoulder on an additional responsibility as a blogger.

It's quite sad though, considering that there were quite a few blogging offers that came in for me and due to the lack of time and energy, I had to push most of them away. We introverts need a lot of charging time, just so you now. But rest assured, Lukey is handsome as always and I have also included a latest snapshot of me just to prove that I'm still okay:

I may have changed my looks a little bit over the past few weeks in my hiatus period

Just kidding. That guy is Dan Humphrey from Gossip Girl. And yes, Lukey has started watching Gossip Girl. Turns out my signature xoxo at the bottom of my every post is inspired from that series. On a side note, want to know why I'm so handsome in real life? That's a secret I'll never tell.

Handsome Lukey
(somehow considering to end all my posts like this)


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