ro2 giveaway

So I've been playing Ragnarok Online 2 (RO2) a little bit too much recently.

I've been fighting bears which are two times taller than me...

he looks cute though

Gone on an underwater trip...

with a huge sea god to fight

And even saw a bald monk go super saiyan...

and no, he's not from street fighters

So it wouldn't come as a big surprise that le blog now is having an exclusive Ragnarok Online 2 giveaway! If you have always loved Ragnarok Online and wondered how it would be like to have a cute Poring in your life, now's your chance to own one. And even if you have not played RO before, why waste a perfect opportunity to expand your soft toy collection or to win one to give to that crush that you have always been eyeing?

wanted: an owner for this poring

It only takes a few simple steps to be on the running to win this Poring, along with other exclusive RO2 goodies that comes together with it. Simply go to this picture here, share it on your profile and include a comment on what you want to do if you had a real life Poring as a pet. Simple as that!

So what you're waiting for? Adopt a Poring today!


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