zouk-ed out

Zouk Out 2012 came and went and few days ago. Hundreds and perhaps thousands of people had tons of fun partying late into the night, getting to know tons of people and enjoying like there's no tomorrow. It was perhaps one of the biggest activities in Singapore where youths and adults alike can forget about all their worries for that particular night. One gets to dance, jump and do whatever one wants during that party.

fun indeed

Sadly though, I'm not one of the "ones" at the party. Instead, I was in front of the computer, reading tweets from friends and acquaintances alike about how fun the event was. Part of me viewed it with envy, after all, which guy would not enjoy going to an event where the majority of girls are in bikinis, but another part of me was like, "Meh".

I don't know about other people but for me, when it comes to events like this, there will always be internal argument going inside me, between two Lukes with totally different ideals and principles. Often the arguments would be something like this (lets just call the two Lukes Luke 1 and Luke 2):

Luke 1: Hey, I heard that there's Zouk Out happening this weekend! Do you want to go? Confirm it'll be a lot of fun with all those pretty girls around. Who knows, you might get to know one too!

Luke 2: Seriously? You want to go to events like to to de-stress? I thought you used to say that events like this are where people go for irresponsible fun? Like how you used to shrug off clubbing as where guys go to look for one night stands?

Luke 1: Aww, come on. Do you really want to use the morality argument here? As far as I'm concerned, you are only using the moral high ground argument as an excuse for you not being able to go to events like this. After all if given a chance, would you seriously want to reject an opportunity like this?

Luke 2: Look, think about it. Other than the short period of fun that you're gonna have during that night, what benefits can you really gain from that event? Will you be able to broaden your knowledge? Or learn something new? Form new meaningful friendships? From how I see it, you're just probably going to end up really drunk and doing something you're gonna regret later.

Luke 1: Honestly, I think you're basing you arguments on a lot of what-ifs. After all, if all the people there can have fun and enjoy themselves, it only means that the only problem here is your backward thinking. Why so uptight in the first place? No one is going to judge you except for yourself and where did your morality ruler came from anyway? The 1950s?

Yep. You get the gist. The monologue can go on and on and by the time it finishes, Zouk Out 2012 has already ended. Same goes for other events. Sometimes I wish I could just switch off all my internal judgement and just go do shit without anyone caring.


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