what's in a boox (box)?

Christmas came early for me this year, thanks to the folks at Booxify, who kindly sent me a cute and nicely wrapped complimentary boox for me to blog about just when everybody is discussing about their Christmas plans and all the presents they will be receiving this year.

my cutesy little boox, which has won the title of the first christmas present for Lukey this year 

So what is in a boox, or rather what's Booxify all about? It's very hard for me to put it in words actually, because the concept is something very new and unique in Singapore and, I am very limited with the vocab that I have, but I'll try!

Basically Booxify is like a monthly subscription service, except that instead of subscribing to stuff like magazines or newspapers, you're instead subscribing to a boox that is lovingly prepared by the folks at Booxify. For a mere price of 16 dollars per month, you'll receive a box that consists of a variety of items ranging from health food, drinks, beauty items, snacks, and vouchers that you'll get to try and enjoy for the rest of the month.

the items that I got from this month's boox

from left to right: a beauty by nature voucher, a eco skin care peppermint sugar rub, barney butter snack packs (awesome for people who has no time to eat like me), honest kid grape juice, one granola bar and a el saboon daily skin care soap

The idea behind this whole box subscription service is that it lets consumers, both you and me to experience brands of products and different items that we seldom see in our daily lives, sort of like widening the choices that we have in a way. And for just 16 SGD per month, Booxify can make a great gift to a loved one or a great gift to pamper yourself too! Best of all the contents are varied each month so every month's boox will be a small pleasant surprise.

What better way to break away from the routine of daily life to have a small surprise arrive at your doorstep every month?

For more info about Booxify, you can visit their website at www.booxify.com or like their Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/booxify. As their company motto suggests, experience something different today!


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