Wednesday, December 12, 2012

[RO2] a little closed beta thought

I met a beautiful girl...

Sat on a flying broom...

Explored a majestic castle...

Raided dungeons with random strangers...

Helped defend a city from an invasion along with hundreds of other people...

Even hunted a giant bird for dinner...

But all in all, I had fun. Loads of it.

It has been a while since I last dabbled in the world of MMORPGs, but ever since attending the official launch of Ragnarok Online 2 (RO2) at the Licence2Play event last week, I've taken a break from my usual single player games to once again explore the kingdom of Rune Midgard, now in 3D.

While RO2 is vastly different from it's predecessor, it is not entirely new in concept too, with gameplay, graphics and settings highly similar to earlier games such as Warcraft Online, Spirit Tales and Eden Eternal, all which were games that I touched before, but never got hooked on. RO2 however, manages to do what the earlier games failed to do, which is getting me hooked to the game. The last time I got so serious about an MMORPG was more than a year ago in May 2011, when a friend introduced me to Forsaken World, in which I end up earning a 150 dollars from selling my in game character.

To be honest, I have no idea why RO2 is such a puller. Maybe it's because of the feeling of nostalgia that I get because every mob, class and place in the game reminded me of something that I used to love a lot last time. Or maybe it's because of the new interesting skill system that makes you wanna keep trying more and leveling up. Or the Khara achievement system that lets you unlock challenges and achievements by accomplishing various tasks throughout the world. Or perhaps it's the good old party quest adventures and boss hunting experience with random real people that you can get to interact in game.

But what I do know is that I miss the feeling of playing a game together with thousands of other people at the same time. With games like Dishonored, Far Cry 3 or Borderlands 2, eventually one comes to realize that the characters in game are after all NPCs, the gaming equivalent of dead people, characters who are artificial and spouts the same pre-programmed lines again and again when you interact with it. With MMOs, you have real people talking and shouting everywhere, which is quite funny to watch sometimes, because with it often comes stuff like racism and stupidity that provides for an interesting soap operas and dramas.

It's a shame that the Closed Beta period is finally coming to an end but judging from my experience so far, I think there's a high chance that I will jump back to the game again once Open Beta starts on the 27th of December, imperfect as the game might be. RO2 might not be groundbreaking as newer games like Guild Wars 2 with dynamic storyline and stuff, but I realize that when it comes to online gaming, it's the small little detail that determines how popular your game might be, like the amount of interaction a gamer might have with other people in the game, which RO2 has a lot.

Judging at the amount of activity I see in game for the past one week, one could say RO2 might just be the next big MMO in Southeast Asia, depending on how things go and I'm hoping my priest character will go as far too. And yes, just like in Forsaken World, I've decided to make a healer class again because they're usually insanely popular in game. They're a good chick magnet too, depending on whether a lot of chicks actually play the game.

my in game shop also happened to be quite a magnet too

On a side note, unlike my virtual world character, my real world self has been quite in the dumps lately, with loads of crisis and stuff, which might be the reason why I'm choosing to escape to RO2 because at least my healing skills would be in demand from other people. But then again, that is a totally unhealthy escape mechanism, as my Addiction professor would say, so maybe I could go out to breathe in more fresh air. Or I could just wait for another 5 months to starting a whole new life and a whole new headache because then I'll need to find a job and a living place. Ugh, adult problems. But that's another story.

On a happier side side note, I'm finally going back home after 5 dreadful months of studying. No responsibilities, loads of good food and tons of hanging out with friends. Can't wait for it. Maybe my inability to land myself an internship might be a good thing after all.


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