[RO2 Guide] Lurker Fly

Lurker Fly is one of the first map boss that you can fight at the West Mjolnir map, just before the central gateway where you find a fallen guard. Because I've had trouble locating him, it took me half an hour running around asking random players about him, I decided to save future players from trouble by uploading a guide to my blog, since I have nothing to blog about anyway and Google has no answer.

where can you find the fly (that's a dead one, btw)

I missed it the first time though, because I think I kept right all the way and the Lurker Fly spawns quite far left to the gate, near the mountains. Here's another picture for a better idea where it can be found:

wonder why it spawns before the chonchon area

Word of advice though, you might want to bring a party before attempting to kill it as the Lurker Fly is not your average mini quest boss. Around 3 to 4 people should be enough, best if you have a Acolyte with you. Or you could just find a high enough level player to help kill it for you. Both ways are fine.

Aside from dropping a blue weapon, you'll also clear the Khara challenge for the Lurker Hunter title, which gives quite a good stats boost in the early game, before you reach the Golden Thief Bug mission.

said achievement (click for a better view)

Hopefully this would help you in finding that pesky fly and avoiding the mistake I did, which was standing at the Chonchn area for 15 minutes hoping that the Lurker Fly would appear when I don't even know what it looks like. The next mini map boss is the Robberbug (I think) which you can encounter next to the Culvert, and I don't think I'll be blogging about it since it's relatively easy to find, unless there's enough people who ask for it, of course.

So yep, guess that's it for this post and happy fly hunting (and let me know if you have other RO2 related questions so I can answer them)!


  1. Thank you! It's hard to get anyone to answer where it is. -__-

  2. thanks for the info!

  3. thanks a bunch! lol but I cant find any party members this moment

  4. Thanks for the good info. One trick to find some of the Khara quest stuff is to look at your map after selecting the quest.. You get a little red dot just like a normal "kill stuff" quest.

    It's a shame it only works on the Khara with a check mark.


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