of yuki and alvin's torrid love affair, featuring zoe raymond

The incident has all the classic features of a romance drama. Guy proposes to girl, girl accepts, wedding arrangements were made but just when everything seems to be going perfectly, a third party pops up and sends the otherwise a normal wedding into total chaos. 

Except that this time, the third party happens to be a relatively well known blogger called Zoe Raymong and the bride who is totally upset with the entire incident, took the entire saga to the social media scene to fight it out. Ladies and gentlemen, introducing Zoe Raymond, our third party for today's drama, and Yuki, the poor bride of the whole incident (Alvin, the groom, is evidently missing, as I am not able to detect his Facebook profile or any internet presence at all).

first page is the one set by the Yuki, the bride, while the second page is Zoey's own Facebook fan page for her blog, notice the difference in likes (likes as of Dec 18th, 2012)

While incidents like this could go off unnoticed normally, it whipped up a storm and quickly became viral when Yuki started a Facebook page to tell the world of her plight. And like any other news in Singapore that has morality and values mixed into it, Singaporeans came out in droves to condemn Zoe and Alvin. As of now, Yuki's page has almost 4000 more likes than Zoe's, and judging by the discussion on Twitter, HWZ and Facebook, one can only expect the differences to grow.

While I would like to reserve my judgement of Zoe to myself, I do think that perhaps she should have given more thought to the entire thing before going after Alvin or even accepting his advances in the first place because well, he's engaged in the first place and you have an online profile to maintain. However, this is not the first time she stole someone else's boyfriend though, as rumours have it, and if I'm not mistaken, Xiaxue did mentioned that Zoe snatched her friend's boyfriend somewhere before, which is definitely not helping Zoe in any case.

apparently miss zoe is was also nuffnang's featured blogger for january. when only my turn? :(

The funny thing is that I think that Zoe would have never expected Yuki to hit her back through the use of social media itself. And it's starting to bite, looking at some of the comments at her page and tweets mentioning her for example.

some examples of the negative comments she's been receiving

I have no idea how would this incident affect her readership and stuff, but with photos of her face plastered all around the internet and also with sponsorships on her blog, I think we maybe can see the Michael Palmer equivalent of the blogosphere, where a blogger has to "resign" from blogging. After all, I foresee that readers wouldn't particularly enjoy reading your blog when at the back of their head, they're thinking about you snatching dear Alvin away from Yuki. Also, I predict that she would have troubles getting sponsorships for her blog after this.

But with all that being said, I don't blame Zoe. I don't blame Alvin either. After all, everyone has their rights to pursue true love. If we're okay with the main actor barging in the church doors to spoil a wedding in movies, I think we don't deserve much of a right to complain about this.

Still, I just it sad how marriage is gradually losing its significance in our society today. I think many of us don't realize that signing that certificate of marriage is like signing a contract, you are in a way bound by its terms and conditions. It's putting down a commitment for someone. You cannot just back away from it whenever a moment of doubt surfaces. You should have given it enough thought before you proposed. Besides, the decision you make is gonna affect a lot of other people too, in this case Yuki and both the families.

I have yet to hear the Zoe or even Alvin's side of the story, and their explanation (if they have any) so I'm still giving them some benefit of the doubt. But no matter what explanation comes out, my gut feeling still tells me that either Alvin is a irresponsible guy who cannot control his urges or Zoe Raymond is a legendarily good vixen that can make even an engaged guy fall for her. After all, looking at pre-Zoe's appearance, there was very little indication of problems between the couples.

after all, if the guy is not serious, why would he go to great lengths to prepare for the wedding, only to cancel it two months later?

The only sort of reply that Zoe gave so far to this incident was a retweet from Brad's tweet, which I think is too ambiguous to warrant a suffice enough explanation:

perhaps a reply to what is going on

So what's the entire story like? Judging by Zoe's tweets and Brad's tweets (they went out to Bintan together with Dawn Yang, which I presume to be filled with tons of "Why the marriage should be called off" stories) I am pretty sure that there's an explanation that Zoe and Alvin might keep using to justify their actions. But no matter what, the silence is deafening. There's a possibility that Zoe and Alvin might wait for this whole incident to boil over because after all, what possibly can us netizens do to change the situation for the better? Very little, I'm afraid.

For all I know, people will start losing interest in this incident after a few weeks (months, if Yuki keeps up the page) and everything will return to normal with most of us going after perhaps a newer story. Sadly, this is how internet works and to be honest, I really pity Yuki in this whole incident. I mean out of so many guys in the world, why must you go after those who are already attached, not just once but so many times? And it's not like any of the relationships lasted forever too? Your track record really isn't helping.

But nope, not gonna judge. That's my policy. I will refrain from calling both the guy and girl names although I would really want to. And I am more interested on how the entire incident will turn out. Do you think Yuki's actions will have any effect on either Zoe or Alvin? Or do you think this would in reverse help Zoe instead, boosting readership to her blog? And popcorn, anyone?

EDIT: Part 1 of Yuki's side of the story: https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=118300501669434&id=253711181424186

EDIT 2: Part 2 of Yuki's story, translated: https://m.facebook.com/note.php?note_id=178165525662818

EDIT 3: Zoe's latest reply (Not very informative and helpful, plus I find I it hard to believe her when she's still stubbornly clinging on to silence)

EDIT 4: No matter what netizens have to say about Zoe, I think she's one smart girl. By refraining to participate in this firestorm and not adding any fuel to it (deleting the comments and acting as if nothing happened), she's hoping that the entire saga will die down when people gets bored of it. After all, every time something new pops up, the entire attention would be shifted away, just look at Laura Ong and the Palmergate case, everyone seemed to have forgotten about it as soon as Zoe Raymond pops up. Meaning that there's a high probability that Miss Zoe would leave this incident unscathed (except some minor bad publicity) and live to steal another boyfriend, assuming she has still not learnt anything, that is


  1. Wow! Wow.. Wow? What's wrong with Zoe? Why on earth she snatched somebody's husband-to-be? I wish somebody could approach her and tell her that she's doing it wrong! OMG, I am so upset! This incident reminds me of some bitches I flamed in my blog months ago. Ugh!

  2. https://www.facebook.com/nivlagnay --> Alvin's FB

    1. I think his too scared until he deleted his fb account

  3. Seems like there is a trend on these sagas. lol wads going on.

    This girl tells a similar story


  4. Lol, another sad saga just happened:


  5. She isn't the only one who got it from her bf. my friend too.

  6. That Alvin guy is pure lowdown muck. I hope he loses his job and loses everything.

    Using lies to procrastinate his wedding, making up lies after lies, breaking the trust of everyone.


  7. @anon ya right, your friend ;) not very convincing

  8. Zoe has become such a bitch!

  9. I hope evryone will remember this ZR Bitch so that she will be condemned~!!! =D

  10. Are you serious? Regardless of Zoe (or whomever), it is Alvin's fault for cheating on the woman he promised to marry. I don't care if Zoe is the worst person in the world or a complete saint. (We can judge and berate her separately in another discussion.) Alvin owes his loyalty to the woman he promised to marry and spend his life. The fact that he cheated on her and went back on his promise proves that he is scum and he could do that with any woman and to any woman. I don't know why people are wondering if it was Zoe's fault or Alvin's fault... The fault of one does not lessen the fault of the other one. It is both their fault, but Yuki should hate on Alvin first and foremost. (If he will cheat on you with Zoe, he can cheat on you with someone else and even someone hotter.)

  11. Her silence is damning evidence that she is srsly implicated and guilty of the charges. As much as she tries to portray an innocent image to her blog viewers (which I was), I believe that no good innocent nice girl would do such a morally bankrupt action. What is Ladyironchef saying anw. HARH food blogger also want to be part of saga ah.

  12. Please boycott ladyironchef blog also. If zr is not saying anything, I am boycotting her too! Can't believe she is such a person. Why should we keep faith in her is she DARE not come out and explain what is happening? I think she owes her fans a good explanation. will saying sorry be so such a difficult task if she is in the wrong? har? blogger know how to clinch sponsorships dunno how to do public apology? pui!

  13. she (zoe) such a bitch! how dare she took someone who was about to be a husband!
    pui! she not even pretty! boycotting that couple!

  14. she already removed her comments!

  15. another famous blogger talking about it http://yohnoyono.blogspot.sg/2013/01/zoe-raymond-saga.html

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