merry christmas! handsome all the way~

Presenting to you my Christmas look this year, I call it the bounty hunter Lukey look:

as you can see, i am no good at poster designing

More importantly, because I know I'm handsome already in that picture, I would like to wish all of you loyal readers of this humble blog a very awesome Christmas ahead, no matter where, how or who you are celebrating with. Christmas can be fun and memorable in a thousand kind of ways, as long as you are spending it with those who matters to you.

To be honest, Christmas this year does feel kinda different though, at least for me. I think it may be because of it's close proximity to the supposedly end of the world day.

I still find the picture funny though

Now if you would excuse me, I have to retire to my bed for now after a tough night emceeing. Not to forget that there's a morning church service too tomorrow. But of course, what's Christmas without a super long blog post with loads of pictures? That's due tomorrow. Stay tuned for it!

As for now, goodnight!


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