how's ipoh so far

In a blink of an eye, it's already been more than one week since I came back to my hometown after being away for more than 5 months in Singapore. The day that was supposed to be the end of the world came and gone without much incident - I did remember that it was exceptionally cloudy that way, which sparked a 5 second panic in me until I realized it's just gonna rain - and before I knew it, Christmas is now knocking on the door.

So how's Ipoh actually?

It's kinda hard to describe though. Other than the already awesome food that I've been eating non-stop since coming back, most of the other happenings fall into the grey area.

For starters, I was "arrowed" - or in other words being shoved the responsibility of - to be an emcee for my church's Christmas celebration. It's amusing in a way, because during all the years that I grew up in the church before leaving for Singapore, I've always wanted to do something big but now that I've came back and want to rest, I was suddenly pushed on to the stage.

While I'm not complaining, I will shamelessly admit that I do love the stage, it's sad to see how much my church has changed in the past few years to the extent that they are so shorthanded, or rather no one is willing to step up, until they have to depend on someone who only comes back five months once. To think that once upon a time this community was burning with passion to do great things, reduced to just doing for the sake of doing. But what can I do except to complain in a blog?

it's a good opportunity to camwhore too though

But then again, it is not up to me to worry, stuff like this, since I rarely spend more than a month in Ipoh anyways.

On a side note, this trip back home also made me realize the importance of family too. Because friends may leave, move or lose contact, but no matter what, your family always stays. For the first time in my life, I went supper with my brother, alone, and we talked. Which is quite heartwarming though, because me and my brother have not been close for a long long time. The supper, I hope, could be a start of something new.

three of us taking the picture together at a supper for the first time

It's funny to think how we used to hate each other and argued non-stop but in the end, it's our siblings that we fall back on.

I also watched a lot of movie though in Ipoh. In my one week here, I have already watched three movies: The Hobbit, CZ12 and Ah Boys to Men. The second movie sucked though, I thought that the bloopers part was actually the funniest out of the entire movie. Jackie Chan disappointed me severely. The first and third movie, on the other hand, was watchable. Jack Neo especially raised my hopes very high because I initially thought that he's gonna produce Singapore's first war movie. Too bad. But still, it was funny.

So yeah, three movies in one week. I guess when you're bored witless at home, any form entertainment will be embraced with open arms. Hopefully things will change after Christmas week though. Fingers crossed!


  1. Sounds like you are having an awesome time in Ipoh. Back from Singapore MC, maybe that'll attract a larger crowd :p


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