fourth day in hometown

It's already my fourth day here in Ipoh and true to its name, everything is moving slowly so far, which means that nothing's big happened so far. But to prevent this blog from collecting dust, here's what I've been doing for the past few days:

1. Crying. Far Crying. 3.

don't let this jet ski deceive you. there's pirates and dangerous animals everywhere

brothels: now available in every single game

It was dubbed the one of the best games of 2012. While the gameplay is amazing, I did find parts of the storyline a bit tad annoying. Like how Dennis went "Selamat Tengahari!" in the middle of the night, which in Malay meant good afternoon. And the messiah complex kind of plot again, where the natives are incapable of defending themselves and need a white guy to save them. Something like the movie Avatar, you would say. I kinda prefer Far Cry 2 in a way though, where you can choose the character you play.

But I'll leave a longer review for another blog post.

2. Visited Ipoh's "Orchard Road"

loads of LED lights, that is

The thing about Ipoh is everything is slow to change but every time I come back, there's bound to be a little surprise like this in store for me. Apparently there's a new hotel in town and they thought it would be a great idea to decorate the river. It's romantic, but much of it is still under construction. I wonder what else there's in store the next time I come back?

On a side note though, the Overtime bar closed down in less than 5 months. I guess us Ipoh folks are not fans of alcohol.

3. Ate some food

maggie goreng, in this case

Who knew that a plate of fried maggie, which I used eat every Saturday four years ago, would become one of my most missed food in Ipoh? Somehow, I find it funny how in Ipoh, no matter which hawker stall or food centers that you visit, the food couldn't be very bad (bad food can't even survive for a day here) while in Singapore, one has to hunt for good food like hunting for a rare animal in Far Cry 3.

I also find it amusing that my cousins from Singapore, who is visiting for one week, has never tasted stuff like sizzling noodles, sambal stingray and salted chicken before. No wonder people call Ipoh as the food heaven.


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