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I have weird goals in life.

I've gotten myself recently employed as an usher, you know, the people that opens the door for you and directs you to the seat at the University Cultural Center (UCC) where I'm studying and the first question that people normally ask me when they find out I'm a final year student trying out as a probationary usher is, "Why are you doing such work when you're already Year 4?!"

You see, when it comes to being a Year 4 / final year university student in Singapore, people seem to have a set idea of how a student who is about to graduate is supposed to act. Either they're a.) busy hiding in the library everyday to finish their thesis or final year project, b.) being involved in some work that is related to your major or c.) teaching loads of tuition to earn money. Probationary usher, for most, is seen as a non-logical job for a final year student to engage in judging from the majority of response that I receive.

The problem is that when I comes to preparing your after graduation life, there seems to be a set formula here in Singapore that one must follow to succeed. That one must find work that is field related for example, because that would be a logical choice and to engage in other stuff is non-logical and detriment to the formula to success. Which is why you see so many university students vying for an internship position come every summer holiday because that is the path to securing a job after graduation according to the culture here.

While I don't have qualms about those who wish to follow a proven formula to a secure and steady life, I often prefer to do things the less conventional way, to take the "path less taken" as one poet would put it.

Take the UCC Usher job for example. While the pay is not as high as teaching tuition and the job is nowhere near what I study for example, somehow I've always wanted to experience what it's like to be one of the guys in black with the earpiece attached since I first saw them when I first watched a show in UCC. And even though people always give me the weird look of "Why is this old senior still want to work as this job" every time I say I'm Year 4, and even though I always make up stupid excuse like "This is the easiest part time job I can find", the main reason why I would do such things is because I feel happy. In a strange way, I feel happy and fulfilled now that I've accomplished one of the many things that I've wanted to do since a long time ago. And in a way, I feel satisfied too.

I guess that's how I work though. Being content and happy at the moment, wanting to experience as many things as possible and doing what I really want and like without caring much about what others might think, is how I base my decisions on, although sometimes they may seem stupid, makes me happy and satisfied with life. And I guess by the end of the day, that is what that matters most.

The same applies for everything else I do though. Gaming, hanging out late with friends and doing crazy stuff here and there (of course, no extreme stuff such as drug taking), as long as I'm happy, I don't really care how it would affect my life in the long term. In a way, you could say that I don't really plan in advance when it comes to life goals and I'm more of a happy-go-lucky person who lives mostly at the moment.

Some may say it's stupid though, and I partly agree, the future me would wonder why I had not studied harder in a way, but I guess if tomorrow is my day to go, or if I'm given another chance to live my life again, I wouldn't have done it any other way and I have no regrets. I'm happy and I'm content and that's what matters right? After all, it is my own life that I'm living.

le UCC hall, where Lukey now works as an usher

Weird, Lukey is.


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