real men... or are you just jealous?

"Real Malaysian men should not carry their girlfriend's handbags". That was the description of a video posted up by a Malaysian based Facebook page called the Man Up Army. The video depicts a big sized guy in shades and flak jacket, talking about how men are at "their worst" in shopping centers just by helping their female companions carry their handbags because that is so unmanly. 

gentlemen, meet the new definition of manly. shades, flak jacket and a bald head. and I shall call him mr shades

He then proceeds to smack a guy who is carrying a bag for his female companion with a pie on the poor guys face. A motherfucking pie on the face in a public place. While some of the viewers find it funny, I find it highly disturbing that such said act is carried out brazenly in the public and is then flaunted at the end of the day as some manly act or something like that. I mean, imagine going out one day shopping with your girlfriend only to have your clothes and your body dirtied just because some guy judged you as not "man" enough.

said act. now imagine if the blue is you or your boyfriend, and both of you are on the way to watch a movie

But the best part of the video is not the pie smashing but rather how Mr Shades, instead of explaining his actions or apologizing, chose to run away like a small boy before the poor fellow had any chance to retaliate. So much for the "man" you are huh, Mr Shades? Attacking an unsuspecting person and you have no courage to "man up" to your mistakes?

said "MAN" running away like a coward while the couple is still reeling from the shock

Far from being apologetic, the people behind the video still have the balls, okay half balls since they're hiding behind anonymity of the Facebook page, to defend their action in their status.

accusing everyone who dared voiced up against them as pussies

While I love prank videos where unsuspecting strangers are pranked into doing something crazy like in the show Just For Laughs or in this example where they're put through a scary elevator, more often than not the organizers of the show will eventually tell the strangers that they are being prank and most often than not no physical harm was done in the making of those videos. Perhaps some mental harm in the elevator video but by the end of the day, no harm was intended and all was done for the sake of entertainment.

This Man Up Army video on the hand, I suspect, is created far from being purely entertainment. It's almost as if the creators of the show are trying to send a "message" to guys whom they judged as being not manly out there. And out of the countless ways they can choose to do it harmlessly, like walking up to the guy and asking him why, they chose the way where they will be least liable to anything to they do, "punishing" a guy by smashing pie into his face on an otherwise lovely day and running away from it. I repeat, RUNNING AWAY from it. They did not care what the consequences of their action are and were more interested in making the video in order to validate their "manliness".

Before any of you try to accuse me of being a cold bucket here, let me just ask you one question, how would you feel if you're in the couple's shoes? Lets say you're on the way to watch a movie after a hard week of work, the show's about to start in five minutes and suddenly a guy appears out of nowhere, smashes you or your companion with a pie, dirtying your/his face and shirt, shouting to you at the same time and then runs away without apologizing? How would you feel? Would you be able to walk away and laugh it off as how you laughed at the video (shame on you if you found that funny), saying that, "Oh, it must have been my fault. I'm not man enough, hahaha". If it was me, I would have chased other that guy and punched him in the face instead.

seriously, how many of you guys would let your ego take that?

It's not only Malaysia that has guys who think that it's a sissy act to carry your girlfriend's bag. In Singapore too we often have "masochistic" guys who think that it's wrong to carry your girlfriend's bag because according to them, you're "hen-pecked" or have no balls to stick up for yourselves. While this may be true 50 years ago, our society has progressed so much further than those days where blacks cannot sit together with whites and females have no rights to vote.

a short search of stomp, singapore's premiere gossip site, returned these results. you can view them here, here and here

To be honest, I am one of the guys who don't see a problem carrying my girlfriend's bag, my sister's bag or even my mum's bag. After all, I am a guy and it has been biologically proven that women, in fact, are weaker  than men and what's wrong with helping someone whom you care about, who is tired once in a while? My dad helps my mum to hold her handbag sometimes, and I think it's a sweet gesture for all the things my mum did at home.

I just have one word for these people who seem to hold on to such beliefs about women, misogynists. If you're man enough, I'm sure you can find out the meaning of the word on your own.

I'm sure these are the same people who secretly thinks that women are inferior to men, that women should remain in the kitchen and that women should deserve less than men and are too afraid to express their opinions publicly so they have to resort to harping on issues like men carrying handbags as an outlet. I'm also sure that they are the type of guys who when girls ask them for help, such as "My bag is too heavy for me to carry, can you help me to carry it for a while?", would reply with, "It's your bag, you should carry it and gosh, what would other guys think if they see me with your bag? It would be so gay, you know?"

Said guys are also most probably insecure, looking at how worried others might judge them for being "not manly" just because they carry their girlfriends/sisters/mums' bag. Also, they might be suffering from either jealousy for not having a girlfriend themselves (most likely due to their misogynistic thinking) or a male inferiority complex, where they feel a need to validate their male identity by judging other males as being less of a male than they are. You know the joke about guys with small penises tend to buy large cars like Hummer just to compensate for their inadequacy? Guess you can say the same for guys who need to judge others as being less manly to compensate for something they don't have, like balls for admitting that you've done something wrong.

i don't think guys with small penises love hummer btw, but it's just to illustrate my point

As for me, contrary to whatever manliness that Mr Shades tried to instill in me through that video, I will still carry my girlfriend's handbag if she ask me to because ultimately, when it comes to being with someone you love and care about, it's not your ego that matters, but rather making her happy that matters. And at the end of the day, I will be the one kissing the said girl goodbye, not Mr Shades nor any other guy who thinks I'm not manly enough.

So... insecure guy or just a plain ol' sexist dude? Your pick.


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