lp means let's play!

Hello, my fellow readers of lukeyishandsome(dot)come (if there's any left) and welcome again to yet another great blog post by your's truly, Handsome Luke. Out extreme boredom of what we students would normally refer to as reading week, I have decided to venture on a path which I believe not many Singaporeans nor Malaysians have tread before, doing a Let's Play series on Youtube! At least that's what Google told me.

Just fyi, Let's Play or LP (not the bad word you're currently thinking of) is a term that is used to refer to  "a walkthrough of a video game including a commentary, in which gamers will normally record themselves playing a video game from start to finish, and comment as they proceed", according to Wikipedia at least. Basically it means me recording down a video of my screen as I play a game, along with my handsome voice going along with it.

in singapore, let's play have a very different meaning, like sports

I basically came out with this idea one night while I was lying on my bed, struggling over the fact that while my peers are studying hard for their exams, I am still alternating between a virtual world and staring blindly unto my notes, still thinking about the virtual world. Some might call in an addiction but I choose to call it flow. If you don't know what flow means, look it up on Google. Add the name Mihály Csíkszentmihályi to it.

Anyways, I figured that since I waste so much time on gaming, and since my personal identity is so defined by gaming, why not make the best out of it? Why struggle against something that is your passion? Why follow what that is defined by society?

As crazy as this idea sounded at first, I decided to look up more into the entire concept, to see how feasible it is. For starters, I realized that I needed a software to record both what's happening on my screen and my voice at the same time, which after some Google search, yielded the result D3DGear. It's not free but after downloading and testing it, I decided that it was way awesome and if you compare it with softwares Adobe, it is way much affordable too, even cheaper than a porn website subscription at 30+ USD, which I'm probably going to buy after the trial expires.

Next comes the issue of audience, and me as well. For Let's Play videos to be funny, the commentators themselves must be humourous (looking good is not required, which sucked because I would have so bombed, in a good way of course) and charismatic so that they could keep the audience engaged throughout the video.

Well, me being me, I decided to worry about the second part later and tried out the entire thing with the current game I'm playing, Borderlands 2, upload it to Youtube and see how everything goes first.

and this is Zero, with the cute pink gun who will be accompanying me throughout the Borderlands 2 campaign

After uploading a few videos into my Youtube account and into a custom made playlist which can be found here: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLxpGsOD8n2xYkGp7uU-J6xA13-odY3hCN, I realized quite a few things about making Let's Play videos and they are:

1. You need a good mic. Or a gaming headset that comes with a mic, that would be most awesome. I'm using my laptop's in built mic currently and although one still can hear my voice, the quality is way bad when it comes to static. There's a constant buzz in the background, which if it can be removed, would be perfect

2. One needs to play a game where no one has played before. Or at least you need to be the first one to play it. With Borderlands 2, the game has been out for relatively quite long already and the people who can play the game, have played the game, along with every Tom, Dick and Harry who can record it. A search on Youtube alone using the keywords "Let's Play Borderlands 2" returned tons of results, which means the probability of anyone finding my videos will be quite low. 

Which is fine by me now, since the quality sucks now btw and I sound like a nervous wreck at first but I realized that should I want to make it big, I need to be the first few ones who plays the game, which further translate to either me pre-ordering the game, which I can't, since I have no money, or having companies sponsor me, which they won't, since I am not yet famous.

3. Last but not least, I realized that not many Asians do Let's Play video series, which can either be a good or bad thing. Good thing being I'm one of the first (I hope) and I can dominate the market *insert evil laughter here* but bad thing being that there might not be a market here at all *insert long prolonged scream of NOOO here*

But nevertheless, even though the cons far outnumber the pros and all my video views are still at 0 (come on, even one dislike looks good now) I found that by recording down all my gaming escapades, I can keep better track of the amount of time I'm spend on gaming. From hours at end last time, I don't usually play more than one hour per day now so to keep my video count at a minimum, which is good, I guess, because I'm now spending more time at other stuff, like studying.

But with that being said, I'm still going to do this, with people watching or not, because I realized that it could be some sort of journal too that chronicles my life (in a way) and I really love doing it. Seriously. Fame and success would be a welcomed return but even if there's none, I don't really mind. So if you're looking for a gamer based in Singapore who does Let's Play video series, remember that Lukey is always the first! Bwahaha.... (if you can't be the best, be the first :p)

And for a feel of how a Let's Play video look like, here's my latest upload (yep, I'm shamelessly trying to make you view my videos indirectly but at least I'm honest about it!):

Alright, time to go back studying :(


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