i was mario today

When it comes to ideas, I can never seem to run of of them but when it comes to executing those ideas, I can never seem to finish what I've started. At least that's what I found out about myself while doing all the countless presentations during this few weeks time. And speaking of presentations, when it comes to Year 4 presentations in the NUS, normal PowerPoint slides and mere talking is no longer the norm anymore, instead one has to incorporate videos, acting and even singing into one's presentation in order not to lose out.

As one unnamed fellow classmate said, "Judging by the rate we're going, we'll no longer be Psychology majors but theater studies majors instead".

Of course, there's a few discrepancies (only two out of my four classes required such an extensive preparation), but it was still eye opening. I mean, never before in my previous three years of studies did it require us to come up with an extensive script, fit to be a segment in some sort of drama festival, just for a class presentation.

I'm not complaining though, because 1.) As a male Psychology major, you'll mostly end up in a female dominated group (as females outnumber males in Psychology now) and 2.) It certainly is much more fun to watch themed presentations rather than just hearing people read off from the slides and struggling to stay awake. And best of all, what better way to end off Year 4 than to have some fond memories of you dressing up as the world's most famous plumber Mario telling jokes in class?

point 1.) is illustrated clearly here. you won't have trouble spotting me, I guess

Seriously, our topic was humour and I had to memorize quite a few jokes to tell in class and by the looks of my fellow classmates, I can say that I have absolutely no future as a comedian. But still, it was fun, and as someone who is narcissistic as me, the stage is like a home and I would prefer embarrassing myself anytime of the day rather than reading though loads of journal articles, to be honest. Self-defeating humour style, I guess :p (look that up on Google for a glimpse into Positive Psychology!).

On a separate note, my wallet's empty again. Judging by how fast my money goes, it is quite an alarming rate and I just hope Nuffnang would send me my earnings quick or I'll have to resort to eating cucumbers soon. Guess that's all bout my life now, adios!


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